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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

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  • White House Urged to Release Full Intel Report
    Over the weekend, several newspapers published portions of the National Intelligence Estimate that suggested the war in Iraq has fueled terrorism in the Muslim world. President Bush responded by declassifying parts of the once-secret document, saying that when taken in context, it supports U.S. policy in Iraq.
  • Both Parties Find Ammo in Threat Summary
    Both Democrats and Republicans are finding political ammunition in the four pages of the National Intelligence Estimate summary on global terrorism that was released Tuesday. President Bush and his allies say it bolsters their argument that Iraq is central to fighting terrorism -- but Democrats argue that the report proves the Iraq war has been a massive blunder.
  • Poll: Iraqis Want U.S. Out, Strong Leadership
    A new opinion poll shows that most Iraqis want American troops to withdraw from the country within a year. It shows growing confidence in Iraq's own security forces, as well as broad support for a strong central government, despite the push by Shiite and Kurdish political leaders for greater regional autonomy.
  • Strike May Cost Detroit Schools in Student Aid
    Michigan schools are hoping plenty of students showed up for class Wednesday, the day schools report the number of students they have in attendance for the purpose of receiving state aid. The Detroit school district estimated last week that some 25,000 students were missing after a 16-day teachers' strike. Sarah Hulett of Michigan Radio reports.
  • Hire My Talented New Orleans Friends
    Commentator Andrei Codrescu praises New Orleans singer Linnzi Zaorski. Codrescu suggests that she star in a movie soon, because she looks like a cross between an icy Hitchcock blonde and a silent-movie era comedienne. Codrescu says the script could reveal Zaorski as a spy who is condemned to death by a military court. But mostly, he wants his New Orleans friends to get work.
  • Democrats Hope for 'Abramoff Effect' in Montana
    Montana is one state Democrats hope to turn from red to blue this fall. Republican Sen. Conrad Burns, the incumbent, received the most money from convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff, and his challenger, state Senate President Jon Tester, is pounding away at the issue. Note: This story contains language that some may find inappropriate.
  • Senate Elections: A National Survey
    Michele Norris talks with Jennifer Duffy, editor of the Cook Political Report, about how the national landscape of Senate races is shaping up.
  • 7-11 Drops Citgo, Citing Ties to Venezuela's Chavez
    7-Eleven is dropping Citgo as the gasoline supplier to its 2,100 stations. The companies' contract was due to expire, but 7-Eleven has been uneasy with its ties to Citgo, a subsidiary of Venezuela's national oil company. Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez attacked President Bush in a recent speech at the United Nations, calling him "the devil."
  • Idi and Me: 'The Last King of Scotland'
    The Last King of Scotland stars Forrest Whitaker as charismatic -- and unfathomably murderous -- ruler Idi Amin. In the film adapted from a bestselling book by Giles Foden, the Ugandan dictator's bloody reign is seen through the eyes of a young Scottish doctor who finds himself thrust into Amin's inner circle.
  • House Approves Bush's Anti-Terrorism Plans
    President Bush's package of anti-terrorism powers wins approval in the House and moves toward passage in the Senate. Despite vocal opposition from the Democratic minority, the Republican-run House approved landmark legislation setting standards for trying and interrogating suspected irregular foreign combatants.

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