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Thursday, September 25, 2008

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  • Lawmakers Hope To Vote On Deal In Days
    Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have agreed in principle to a $700 billion bailout for Wall Street. They're taking it to a summit Thursday at the White House, and hope to vote within days.
  • Under Pressure On Bailout, Lawmakers In Quandary
    Members of Congress are getting earfuls from home about how much their constituents hate the Bush financial bailout plan. They are also getting warnings from top financial officials that if they do nothing, the economy will collapse.
  • Across Country, Mixed Reaction To Financial Woes
    People around the country talk about how the collapse of large investment banks is affecting them. One person says she is far from retirement and so there has been no immediate effect. Another says he feels safe as long as he has a job.
  • As U.S. Struggles Financially, Adversaries Rise
    America on the financial ropes presents a tempting target for its adversaries. North Korea is threatening to reactivate its nuclear program. Iran's leader inveighs against the U.S. at the U.N. and Russia is firing back at U.S. criticism of its actions in Georgia.
  • Even-Keeled Obama Built Image On Bridging Divides
    Barack Obama is cool and calm to John McCain's hot and fiery demeanor. Some see Obama as detached and aloof. Others see him as exhibiting strength and calmness in turbulent times.
  • Amid Bailout, Stake For Uncle Sam Sought In Firms
    As the Wall Street bailout package takes shape, lawmakers are calling for the government to get some ownership of the companies that it is going to help. There's a precedent for this both in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Storm-Related Gas Shortages Irk Drivers In South
    With refineries hobbled by Hurricane Ike, gas shortages are popping up across the South. Drivers in Atlanta, Nashville and other places are devising strategies to find gas. One approach: follow a fuel truck to see what station it is filling up.
  • Philadelphia's Legendary Pipe Organ Is Restored
    The largest playable pipe organ in the world is in a department store in Philadelphia. In its heyday, the Wanamaker Organ could imitate the sounds of strings, horns, woodwinds and all kinds of bells and whistles.
  • Doctors Urge Research On Cell Phone-Cancer Issue
    The vast majority of scientific studies show no association between cell phone use and brain cancer. But several doctors say the issue isn't settled, and they are asking Congress for more research.
  • World Of Text Messaging Explored
    L-O-L. P-9-1-1. Don't know those abbreviations? Then you're probably not a teen with extra-nimble thumbs addicted to text messaging. The students at Chicago's Curie High School talk about the world of texting.

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