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Monday, September 24, 2012

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • EBT signFeds pressure Minn. to reduce food stamp fraud
    The federal government is cracking down on illegal food stamp trafficking -- the sale of benefits for cash. While the fraud is relatively rare, it adds up to hundreds of millions of dollars nationally every year. With new data tools and penalties available to better catch and punish offenders, federal authorities are asking states to help. But Minnesota officials say it takes a lot of resources to catch very little fraud.5:20 p.m.
  • Violinists Leslie Shank and Elsa NilssonSPCO rejects musicians' contract counterproposal
    The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra says it needs to cut costs significantly to survive. The musicians had proposed to cut their salaries by 1 percent in the first two years, but raise them by 4 percent in the last year of the contract.5:50 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Colorado Springs Soaks In Triple The Political Ads
    In Colorado Springs, advertising for the presidential race has tripled compared with the same time four years ago. It's enough to drive even the most fervent political partisans over the edge.
  • Early Voting Grows In Popularity Across Country
    Melissa Block talks with Michael McDonald of the U.S. Elections Project at George Mason University. They discuss the history of early voting in the United States and how widespread it is today.
  • Controversial 'Anti-Jihad' Ads Posted In New York City
    A controversial advertisement that equates Muslim jihad with savagery was posted in the New York City subway system on Monday. Pamela Geller, a conservative blogger and so-called "birther," won a court victory last week allowing her to place the ad in 10 stations.
  • As Arctic Ice Melts, So Does The Snow, And Quickly
    First came the news that Arctic sea ice is in sharp decline this year. Now, research indicates that springtime snow is melting away even faster than the ice. And that has profound implications for the Earth's climate.
  • In Singapore, The Voices Of Dissent Grow Louder
    Singapore's government can still detain citizens indefinitely, without charges or trial, thanks to colonial-era security laws. But in a sign of changing times in the wealthy Southeast Asian city-state, many of those who've been held are now speaking out and challenging the laws after decades of silence.
  • American Arms Dealer Who Sold To Libya Has Died
    A former CIA operative who was convicted of selling arms to Libya has died. Edwin Wilson was 84. Wilson was branded a traitor and a "death merchant" in the 1980s for shipping 20 tons of explosives to Libya. His conviction was thrown out by a federal judge in 2003. Melissa Block talks to Joseph Trento, author of a book about the CIA called Prelude to Terror.
  • NFL Replacement Refs Under Fire For Bad Calls
    The National Football League is the most popular sport in America. But this year, a close second is complaining about NFL replacement referees. Everyone wants them gone, but how bad are they and when are the real refs coming back? Robert Siegel talks to Mike Pesca.
  • An American Punk-Rock Band On Tour In The Land Of The Arab Spring
    Last year, the the Atlanta-based rock band Black Lips released an album called Arabia Mountain. Now, the band is in the middle of a tour of Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates.
  • 'Another Thing': A Toothpaste Worthy Of A Caveman
    All Things Considered and author/blogger Lenore Skenazy offer a weekly on-air contest to test your cleverness skills. The "Another Thing" contest takes a trend in the news and challenges you to help us satirize it with a song title, a movie name or something else wacky.
  • U.S. Naval Exercises Send Message In The Tense Gulf
    The standoff over Iran's nuclear program has created tensions in the region. But the Americans and their allies say the anti-mine maneuvers will promote stability.

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