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Friday, September 24, 2010

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  • Delay On Tax Cut Vote Creates Hiring Uncertainty
    Congress has pushed back the deadline for deciding what to about the Bush-era tax cuts due to expire at the end of the year. The decision to not do anything until after the midterm elections is making it hard for some small-business owners to decide whether to hire new workers or invest.
  • Week In Politics: Tax Cuts
    Guest host David Greene talks with Reihan Salam, a conservative blogger at National Review Online and policy adviser at Economics 21, and Karen Finney, a liberal commentator on MSNBC. They discuss the political news of the week, including the Republican Party's "Pledge to America" and the fissures in the Democratic Party on extending tax breaks.
  • On Capitol Hill, Colbert Speaks For 'Powerless'
    Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert testified before an immigration panel on undocumented farm workers Friday. Colbert spent a day working on a New York vegetable farm, observing that it was so hard that he would never again be able to watch Green Acres. The conservative Colbert persona said U.S. farms are far too dependent on immigrant labor, so the "obvious answer is to stop eating fruits and vegetables."
  • Week In Politics: Colbert Testifies On Migrant Workers
    Guest host David Greene talks about the week's political news with Reihan Salam, a conservative blogger at National Review Online and economic adviser at Economics 21, and Karen Finney, a liberal commentator on MSNBC.
  • Pakistanis Protest Scientist's Sentencing In U.S.
    Pakistanis on Friday protested the 86-year sentence handed down to Aafia Siddiqui in a U.S. courtroom a day earlier. Siddiqui, a 38-year-old Pakistani neuroscientist, was convicted in May of shooting at U.S. soldiers and officials in Afghanistan after they arrested her on suspicion of terrorism in 2008. The Americans were not hit by gunfire, and many Pakistanis believe Siddiqui is innocent. Islamabad has appealed for her repatriation, and demonstrators took the streets to denounce both the U.S. and the Pakistani governments.
  • Loved Lasers, Lost: Venezuelan Nuclear Spy Accused
    Pedro Leo Mascheroni, the former scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory who is accused of trying to pass nuclear secrets to Venezuela, makes an unusual spy suspect.  He hasn't been hiding from government officials; for twenty years he's been trying to get their attention.
  • Brothers Compete To Lead British Labour Party
    Robert Siegel talks with Simon Hoggart, a columnist for the Guardian newspaper in London, about the British Labour Party's election of a new leader. Results will be announced Saturday. Hoggart says the online bookies are betting on the Ed Miliband, the younger of two brothers competing for the spot.
  • Brazil's Economy Leaves Others In Dust
    Evidence of Brazil's growing confidence as an economic power is on display throughout the country. It can be found in swanky shops and drilling rigs and huge, successful agricultural enterprises. It can also be found in an office in the capital city of Brasilia, where the country's popular bonds are marketed.
  • Major League Records In Baseball's Steroid Era
    With Major League Baseball heading into the home stretch, sportswriter Stefan Fatsis talks with Robert Siegel about the pennant races and milestones this season.
  • Kenny Chesney: Hemingway And Country Music
    If you could sit and pick the brain of one person with one person, living or dead, who would it be? For country star Kenny Chesney, the answer may surprise you.

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