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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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  • Doing A 'Twist': A New Plan To Boost The Economy
    The Federal Reserve announced Wednesday it will indeed be "twisting" its portfolio in a bid to drive down long-term interest rates. Fed policymakers also announced steps to support the mortgage market.
  • Political Heat Is Nothing New For The Fed
    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has been criticized recently by Republican presidential candidates who called for his firing and an audit of the central bank. Low opinions of the Fed come from a long history of criticism of its power and secrecy, extending back to Thomas Jefferson.
  • What's In That Wine Glass May Not Prevent Aging After All
    The links between red wine and longevity aren't nearly as strong as they once seemed, according to new research in the journal Nature. In fact, the research calls into question the whole mechanism used to explain wine's power to extend life.
  • American Hikers Released From Iranian Prison
    Two Americans jailed in Iran for more than two years were freed on bail Wednesday. The government of Oman has dispatched a plane to Tehran to fly Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal out of the country after more than two years in prison. They were convicted of spying, charges they denied.
  • What Role Will Islamists Play In Libya?
    The Muslim Brotherhood is among the factions seeking to play a role in the new Libyan government. But moderate Libyans say they do not believe Islamists will become the dominant force in the country.
  • For Obese, Intimate Lives Often Suffer
    While many obese people lead happy and healthy sex lives, counselors and therapists are seeing more obese clients with problems in the bedroom. A pattern is clear: Obese people are more dissatisfied with their sexual lives, and women seem to suffer the most.
  • Hallmark Produces Layoff Greeting Cards
    Melissa Block talks with Derek McCracken. He's a creative director with Hallmark Greeting Cards, which has a line of cards for job loss.
  • Quays Focus 'Weeping Glass' On The Mutter Museum
    Philadelphia's Mutter Museum invited Stephen and Timothy Quay to capture the collection of medical oddities in the filmmakers' signature moody, avant-garde style. "We never walk through the front door," the Quays say of their approach to film. "We insist on coming through the side door or the back door."
  • Letters: Hound; Low Voice
    Melissa Block reads emails from listeners.
  • Obama Stresses Need For Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue
    President Obama addressed the United Nations General Assembly in New York Wednesday, speaking about the expected Palestinian bid for recognition by the U.N. The president said that peace between Israelis and Palestinians will not come through statements and resolutions at the U.N.

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