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Monday, September 19, 2011

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  • Obama Releases Deficit Plan
    Before heading to the United Nations meeting Monday afternoon, President Obama released his plan to get control of the federal deficit.
  • Does Buffett Rule Add Up For Obama Deficit Plan?
    The president's proposal targets the superrich that billionaire investor Warren Buffett says should pay more in taxes. Buffett points out that he pays a lower rate than his secretary. Some economists argue, however, that high tax rates won't be enough to fix the deficit.
  • NASA Satellite Expected To Collide With Earth
    According to NASA, a retired U.S. research satellite the size of a school bus has been sucked into the Earth's gravitational pull. The space agency expects the satellite to break into pieces on entry to the atmosphere, and for some of those pieces — some as heavy as 300 pounds — to rain down later this week. Donald Kessler, who served as NASA's senior scientist for orbital debris research, tells Michele Norris that an event of this nature is highly unusual — and odds are slim that the debris will injure people or destroy property.
  • Coeds Cope With Technology-Induced Thumb Pain
    More and more of us are suffering from sore thumbs. Ergonomics experts say too much texting and typing on iPads and other tablets can cause pain in the hands, shoulders, neck and back. College students talk about coping with the strain of all their high-tech gadgets.
  • Sending Your Lawyer An Email From Work?
    The American Bar Association recently introduced a new ethics opinion that advises clients about using work computers to communicate with their lawyers. The ABA says this could jeopardize confidential information. Michele Norris talks to ethics lawyer Diane Karpman from Beverly Hills, Calif.
  • Afghan Parliament Still Stymied By Election Dispute
    It's been a year since Afghanistan elected a parliament. But a dispute between President Hamid Karzai and lawmakers has kept the Parliament from passing any significant laws.
  • Study: Thousands Of Immigrant Women Forced Into Marriage
    A new study finds 3,000 cases of young immigrant women being forced into marriage in the U.S. Those who refuse can face threats of violence, ostracism from their families and financial repercussions that can lead to homelessness. Yet, advocates say there is very little legal recourse.
  • Calif. Community Takes Action Against Sex Trafficking
    In the San Antonio neighborhood in Oakland, Calif., sex trafficking has been a problem since several motels moved into the community decades ago. In the past year, when parents and advocates realized pimps were targeting middle school girls, they started to hold rallies and marches and met with public officials and the police to stop the problem.
  • This Machine Can Suck Carbon Out Of The Air
    While carbon dioxide streams into the atmosphere from tailpipes and smokestacks around the world, one man is building a machine to suck it back out. And some heavy-hitting investors are betting that it's going to work.
  • In Yemen, Protesters Clash With Security Forces
    Michele Norris speaks with Erika Solomon, Gulf correspondent for Reuters, about clashes between government troops and protesters in Yemen Monday.

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