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Friday, September 17, 2010

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  • Conservatives Welcome Tea Party Energy At Summit
    Social conservatives have lost some of their buzz to the Tea Party this year. But at their Values Voters summit in Washington on Friday, the conservatives stressed the common ground.
  • Week In Politics: Primaries, Tea Party, Tax Cuts
    David Greene and Melissa Block speak with our regular political commentators, E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post and Brookings Institution and David Brooks of The New York Times, about the latest primaries, the Tea Party movement and the debate over extending Bush-era tax cuts.
  • Pope Brings Sense Of History To Britain
    Pope Benedict XVI gives the keynote address of his state visit to Britain on Friday, after meeting the head of the world's Anglican Church, the Archbishop of Canterbury, in London. Relations between their two churches are said to have been strained ever since the Vatican unveiled plans to make it easier for dissident Anglicans to become Catholics. Friday's meeting will be seen as a gesture of reconciliation, as will the pope's appearance at Westminster Abbey, Britain's Anglican Cathedral.
  • Was Cardinal John Henry Newman Gay?
    As part of his visit to Britain Sunday, Pope Benedict XVI will beatify John Henry Newman, bringing the 19th century British cardinal one step closer to sainthood. But some question whether the revered cardinal and prolific author was in a relationship with his friend Ambrose St. John.
  • Economic Adviser Goolsbee On Tax Cuts
    Melissa Block talks with Austan Goolsbee, chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, about how President Obama's tax proposal will affect small businesses and the effect the stimulus package has had on the economy. Goolsbee says 97 percent of small businesses would not see their taxes go up if the Bush tax cuts were to expire for people with income over $250,000. He also says all small businesses will benefit from other tax incentives in the president's small-business assistance bill.
  • Ill. Rep Tries Not To Lose Touch With Constituents
    In an era of Facebook, tweets and texts, Illinois Congressman Tim Johnson takes a more old school approach to reaching out to constituents: He calls. Johnson personally calls around 100 of his central Illinois constituents every day. Host David Greene speaks to him about his dedication and how he finds the time.
  • Egyptian Newspaper Defends Doctored Photograph From Mideast Peace Talks
    An Egyptian blogger discovered a major state-run newspaper printed an altered photograph from the White House.
  • Letters: Small Businesses And Tax Cuts
    NPR's Chris Arnold joins Melissa Block to talk about listener responses to his piece yesterday about a small business outside Boston worried about the repeal of Bush-era tax cuts.
  • Hamiet Bluiett: Redefining The Baritone Sax
    For more than four decades, the spirited performer has combined the avant-garde with traditional jazz. Along the way, he's co-founded the World Saxophone Quartet and pushed for a more accessible kind of improvisation. Now, he's celebrating a milestone.
  • Scientists Say Worst Hasn't Happened In Gulf
    President Obama called the Gulf of Mexico oil spill the "worst environmental disaster America has ever faced." Others made similarly dire predictions: Oil would kill thousands of birds, fish and other wildlife; coastal wetlands would be destroyed; and oil would travel through the loop current up to the Atlantic Ocean.

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