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Friday, September 13, 2013

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  • In Highest-Profile Role Yet, Kerry's Legacy Hangs On Syria
    John Kerry spent years in the U.S. Senate, and many months running for president a decade ago. Neither role gave him as high a profile as he has now as Secretary of State, when every word he utters is scrutinized by an international audience.
  • Week In Politics: Syria And The Colorado Recall
    Audie Cornish talks with regular political commentators, E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post and the Brookings Institution and David Brooks with The New York Times. They discuss the latest on Syria and takeaways from recall elections in Colorado.
  • After Three Months, Ky. Cop's Murder Remains Unsolved
    It's been three months, and authorities are no closer to finding out who ambushed and killed a police officer in the idyllic town of Bardstown, Ky. Officer Jason Ellis was attacked on his way home after his shift. Unsolved killings of police are rare and the residents of this close knit community want answers and justice.
  • Is Brazil Ready To Step On The World Stage?
    All Things Considered host Melissa Block is in Brazil, reporting on the rise of the Brazilian middle class and the country's preparations for the World Cup and Olympics.
  • Spy Drones Turning Up New Data About Hurricanes And Weather
    For the past couple of years, NASA has been using remotely piloted aircraft to study hurricanes. And they are turning up new information about things like how dust from Africa can determine whether weather systems become hurricanes in the Atlantic.
  • After Disasters, DNA Science Is Helpful, But Often Too Pricey
    For decades, DNA has been used to identify victims of crime, even victims of war crimes. But there's no international standard for using DNA analysis for identifying bodies after a disaster. So some scholars are calling for an international group with the same reach as weapons inspectors.
  • Men Convicted Of Gang Rape, Murder In India Sentenced To Die
    The four men convicted of rape and murder in an Indian court were sentenced to death in New Delhi Friday. Last December, the men lured a young woman onto a bus, and then raped and tortured her before throwing her off the vehicle. She died of her injuries two weeks later. The death sentences were greeted with approval by the victim's family, and there have been widespread calls for the men to hang ever since details of their crime became known.
  • 'Someone' Quietly Mesmerizes With Intimate, Ordinary Story
    Reviewer Susan Jane Gilman wasn't impressed by the title of Someone, but she says Alice McDermott's novel is nowhere near as generic as its name. Nothing extraordinary happens to the Irish-American protagonist, but with spare poetry and deep compassion, McDermott makes familiar territory seem new.
  • East LA Homegirl Goes Hollywood
    Evangeline Ordaz is responsible for the hit Hulu series East Los High. She's also working on a new play about changing LA demographics.
  • As Colorado Floods Continue, Rescuers Help Stranded Evacuate
    Rain and flooding continue in Colorado today. Thousands of people have been evacuated and rescue crews are making their way to those stranded in buildings behind impassable roads.

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