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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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  • Lehman Announces Asset Sale Amid Jitters
    Lehman Brothers has announced plans to sell a majority stake in its investment management business amid mounting losses and a plummeting share price. The 158-year-old firm also said it would spin off a troubled real estate unit and cut its dividend.
  • Foreign Investors' Exit Causes Lehman Woes
    Questions have been raised about whether it is wise to let foreign governments buy up stakes in U.S. financial institutions. Now, with Lehman Brothers, the U.S. is getting to see what happens when a foreign investor walks away.
  • Wounds Reopened As Racial Killing Case Reversed
    For some families of those who died in violence of the era, the overturning of James Ford Seale's conviction in connection to the murder of two black teens in 1964 shows justice has been painfully slow. For others, the mere prosecution of the case was victory of a kind.
  • Israel's Livni Vies For Spot As Second Female PM
    Tzipi Livni is a hard-driving yet soft spoken foreign minister who could take over leadership of the ruling Kadima party and as head of state when current Prime Minister Ehud Olmert steps down. Some experts say she's tough and cautious, but friends call her "very funny" and "fun" in private.
  • Letters: Baton Rouge Mayor, Ball-Jointed Dolls
    Listeners respond to Tuesday's interview with the mayor of Baton Rouge, La., and the story about Ball-Jointed Dolls.
  • McCain, Palin Campaign In Virginia
    The Republican ticket took its act to northern Virginia Wednesday. The candidates didn't vary much from their regular stump speech, but the new theme — Obama's use of the term "lipstick on a pig," which the GOP says is sexist — was in evidence during much of the event.
  • Obama Hits Back At 'Lipstick' Flap
    Democrat Barack Obama has accused Republican John McCain's campaign of using "lies" in claiming he made a sexist remark against vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. In a speech Tuesday, Obama used the term "lipstick on a pig."
  • U.S. Physicists Recall Brush With Supercollider Fame
    For some American scientists, the official start-up of the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland is a bittersweet moment. A super collider in Texas would have been more powerful than the European one, but Congress killed the project in 1993.
  • York, Pa., Discusses Race And Politics
    All Things Considered and Morning Edition begin a series of conversations about race and politics. Voters in York, Pa., a racially mixed city in a battleground state, talk about how race will affect their votes in November.
  • Meghan McCain In Spotlight With Kids' Book, Blog
    Meghan McCain blogs from the campaign trail and released a children's book this month about her father, Republican John McCain. As the child of a candidate, the 23-year-old is critical of the way the media has scrutinized the family of her father's running mate.

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