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Thursday, September 9, 2010

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  • Top Army Brass Still Don't Think Brain Injuries Count
    The Purple Heart is the most powerful symbol that a soldier has sacrificed for his or her country. For generations, the military has awarded Purple Hearts to soldiers wounded in action. But an investigation by NPR and ProPublica has found that Army commanders routinely deny Purple Hearts to soldiers who've suffered concussions from explosions -- even though Army regulations say they merit the award. Four soldiers have struggled to get Purple Hearts -- and medical help.
  • Oracle's Hiring Of Ex-HP Chief Creates Drama
    On Monday, the ousted chief executive of Hewlett-Packard was named co-president of rival Oracle. Mark Hurd, who helped revive a struggling HP, was forced out earlier this year after a scandal involving expense reports and a female contractor. On Tuesday, HP sued to prevent Hurd's move to Oracle, arguing he could reveal trade secrets. Melissa Block talks with Wall Street Journal reporter Ben Worthen about the case.
  • Economists Caution About Trade, Jobs Numbers
    Two bits of relatively good economic news came out Thursday: The nation's trade deficit declined in July, and the number of people applying for unemployment benefits also fell. But analysts warn against reading too much into either number. The trade deficit bounces around a lot, and unemployment claims remain high.
  • Court Lifts Funding Ban On Stem Cell Research
    The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has temporarily lifted the temporary injunction on federal funding for stem cell research. Melissa Block talks with NPR's Julie Rovner about what the decision means and the next steps in the battle over stem cells.
  • Feds Win Round In Stem-Cell Funding Fight
    A federal appeals court lifted a temporary ban on federal funding of research with human embryonic stem cells. The Justice Department argued a lower court judge had misinterpreted the law and that even a temporary stay on funding would be harmful.
  • Tax Code Overhaul As Tough As Doing Your 1040
    There's broad agreement among economists that a new tax system should have few loopholes and relatively low tax rates. But that's where the consensus ends. Rewriting the tax code in Washington is tricky, and as one tax expert put it, right now there is no politically feasible fix.
  • Help For Poor Could Be Sacrificed To Boost Economy
    As Congress debates what to do about spending and extending tax cuts this fall, advocates for low-income Americans worry that several programs and tax breaks to help the poor will lose out.
  • Letters: Arizona Republican Steve May
    Listeners take issue with an interview Robert Siegel did with Arizona Republican Steve May. May has recruited a number of people to run on the Green Party ticket in his state. A lawyer for the Democratic Party in Arizona termed his role in this as a cynical manipulation of the democratic process. Listeners complained about May's use of the term "Democrat Party" rather than "Democratic Party," and May himself responds.
  • For Chile, Colossal Trouble On Easter Island
    The monumental statues of Easter Island draw tourists from around the world. But the modern-day descendants of the people who made those ancient figures, the indigenous Rapanui, have a conflict with the Chilean state. They want to recover ownership of their island.
  • Florida Pastor Agrees To Cancel Quran Burning Event
    Melissa Block talks with NPR's Greg Allen about Terry Jones' announcement that he's canceling plans to burn copies of the Quran at his Gainesville, Fla., church on Saturday. Jones said he decided to cancel the protest because the leader of a planned Islamic center in New York City has agreed to move its location away from ground zero.

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