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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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  • BP Report Shares Blame For Rig Explosion
    BP has released the results of an in-house investigation into the causes of the blowout at its well in Gulf of Mexico on April 20. The report identifies eight separate failures -- either of equipment or human judgment -- that led to the disaster.
  • BP Report An Exercise In Finger-Pointing
    Local officials and congressional investigators said BP was shirking responsibility by passing the blame in its internal report of the oil rig explosion in the Gulf. And companies that BP pointed a finger at were quick to point a finger back.
  • Tax Code Works To Some Companies' Advantage
    The federal tax rate for U.S. corporations is nearly 40 percent, the second-highest among industrialized nations. Critics say the best way to create jobs would be to lower it. But others say various tax breaks, exemptions and deductions have some paying far lower taxes.
  • Reflections On Mayor Daley's Tenure
    On Tuesday, Chicago mayor Richard Daley announced that he won't seek re-election after more than two decades as mayor. The news was a shock to many Chicagoans. We'll hear what some residents of the Second City think of Daley's legacy.
  • Veteran Chicago Reporter On Daley's Legacy
    Melissa Block talks with veteran Chicago reporter Carol Marin about the legacy of Richard M. Daley, and how it compares to that of his father, Richard J. Daley. Marin says both mayors had autocratic styles, but that the son learned from the father. She says when Richard J. Daley leaves the major's office, he leaves behind a physically transformed city, but he also leaves behind a terrible crime problem and schools that haven't been much improved.
  • The Paradox Of 'Lady Matador's Hotel'
    Alan Cheuse reviews The Lady Matador's Hotel by Cristina Garcia. The novel weaves the stories of six residents of a hotel in an unnamed Central American capital. One of the guests is a Japanese Mexican-American matadora in town for a bullfight.
  • Practicality May Outlast Debate On Islamic Center
    If the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan is an example, the planners behind the proposed Islamic center near ground zero have more than politics to consider. While the JCC took 11 years and $95 million to finish, the Islamic center fundraising has just begun.
  • Religious Laws Long Recognized By U.S. Courts
    Oklahoma State Rep. Rex Duncan has proposed a state constitutional amendment to bar U.S. judges from considering any foreign law, including Islamic law, in their decisions. But U.S. laws already allow for some consideration, and experts say U.S. law will always have the final word.
  • Clinton: Situation In Sudan A 'Ticking Time Bomb'
    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton described tensions in Sudan between the North and the South as a "ticking time bomb of enormous consequence." Her comments come ahead of a referendum in which southern Sudanese are widely expected to approve independence for their oil-rich but deeply impoverished and infrastructure-poor region.
  • 'White Wedding' Celebrates Love, South African-Style
    Last year, the South African sci-fi film District Nine opened in the states to blockbuster grosses. Now another film from South Africa, the road-trip comedy White Wedding, is attracting international notice. The movie follows an engaged couple who weather a series of zany obstacles over the course of their wedding day. (Recommended)

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