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Monday, September 5, 2011

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  • Bumps On The Road Back To Work
    Like some 14 million Americans, the people in our series The Road Back to Work started the year unemployed and searching for a job. Nine months later, all six of the St. Louis residents are working, but their struggles continue.
  • Scuffles Interrupt Mubarak Trial
    Scuffles inside and outside the courtroom interrupted the trial of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, which resumed Cairo on Monday. There was startling testimony from a police general who said there were no orders to shoot anti-government protesters in Tahrir Square.
  • For Software Developers, A Bounty Of Opportunity
    Unlike most other industries, the tech sector is experiencing a shortage of qualified workers. Growing demand for software is fueling a bidding war for developers and programmers, in particular, which means high salaries and other perks.
  • Assessing NATO's Mission In Libya
    Lt. Gen. Charles Bouchard has been overseeing operations in Libya since they began in March. He talks about the lead up to the toppling of Moammar Gadhafi's regime last month, how the mission has changed now that the Transitional National Council is in power and whether NATO has any clues as to where Gadhafi may be.
  • Memories Of Sept. 11's First Recorded Casualty Endure
    Father Mychal Judge was a beloved Fire Department of New York chaplain known for savoring life. He was also the first recorded victim of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Ten years later, he's recalled as the priest who flouted convention, yet was also revered as a saint.
  • Book Review: 'Triple Crossing' By Sebastian Rotella:
    Sebastian Rotella, a journalist who wrote Twilight on the Line: Underworlds and Politics at the Mexican Border, has himself now crossed over into the realm of fiction. In his novel Triple Crossing, he dramatizes the devastating story of drug trafficking and government corruption along our southern border.
  • Summarizing Summer Sounds
    Robert Siegel ends our series Summer Sounds for this year with a montage of the sounds we presented. We thrilled you to the bang of thunder, the reckless roar of a motorcycle and the plunges of a rollercoaster.
  • Obama Urges Congressional Action On Jobs
    President Obama traveled Monday to Detroit for a Labor Day event. His visit to the union stronghold comes the same week he's expected to address a joint session of Congress describing his plan to create jobs.
  • In S.C., GOP Hopefuls Outline Positions
    Republican presidential candidates are taking part in a forum in Columbia, South Carolina, today. Among the panelists asking questions will be Senator — and Tea Party favorite — Jim DeMint.
  • 'Mother Nature Has The Upper Hand' In Wildfire Fight
    Ferocious wildfires shipped by the winds of tropical storm Lee are surrounding Austin and other parts of dust-dry Texas. The worst fire is in Bastrop County, just southeast of Austin, where the blaze has been burning out of control for more than a day. The scale of the blaze prompted Gov. Rick Perry to cancel his appearance at a GOP event.

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