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Monday, September 3, 2007

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Welcome, Republicans!End of Minnesota State Fair is filled with poetic lessons
    Whether you think the Fair is too short or too long, Minneapolis writer Leslie Ball says there are many lessons to take away.5:20 p.m.
  • System deployedAnarchists prepare to protest RNC
    This week marks exactly one year until the 2008 Republican National Convention comes to St. Paul. One group of activists spent Labor Day weekend planning its protest strategy. But some convention-watchers are not happy with what they see as the group's violent plans.5:24 p.m.
  • End of Minnesota State Fair is filled with poetic lessons
    Whether you think the Fair is too short or too long, Minneapolis writer Leslie Ball says there are many lessons to take away.6:27 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Bush, Advisers Visit Iraq's Anbar Province
    During an unannounced visit to Iraq on Monday, President Bush said that he'll make his decision on United States combat force levels in the country based on his commanders' assessments, not on pressure from, in his words, "Washington politicians."
  • Citizen Militias Add New Dimension to Iraq War
    The United States military is promoting the formation of neighborhood militia groups in Iraq. They are touted as being a local volunteer reaction against al-Qaida elements in the country. Top U.S. commanders have been coy about how much support is involved.
  • Panama Begins Bid to Widen the Canal
    Panama began the monumental task of widening one of the world's most strategic waterways on Monday. Currently the biggest ships that can fit in the canal and locks carry only about 4,000 containers.
  • Adventure on the First Day of Kindergarten
    With another school year upon us, we hear the story of a first day at kindergarten that started with trepidation and ended with unexpected excitement.
  • Lebanese Army Chases Militants from Camp
    Lebanese troops on Monday hunted the remaining fugitives of Fattah al-Islam — the militant islamist group that battled the country's army for more than 100 days. The Palestinian camp where the militants launched their attacks is under army control.
  • 'Extreme' Jobs Force Employees to Make Choices
    Two million professionals are working in "extreme" jobs. A study that looks at these jobs finds that most who have them love them. Still, many workers, particularly women, find the hours impossible.
  • Astronomers Fly High for Meteor Shower
    Peter Jenniskens, principal investigator for the Aurigid Meteors Aerial Mission, talks with Melissa Block about the Aurigid shower on Sept. 1. It was a spectacular display for 24 researchers on board a NASA-sponsored aircraft.
  • America's Car Culture Clashes with Climate Change
    For the last century, Americans have had a love affair with their cars. Americans drive bigger cars than any other country. And, even if they're currently trendy, fuel-efficient cars still don't sell as well in the United States as elsewhere. Can America change?
  • Woman Joins the Tower of London's Beefeaters
    The Tower of London, a bastion of British history and male guardianship since the Norman conquest in 1066, bows to the 21st century and allows its first woman to join the Yeoman Warders of the Tower — commonly known as Beefeaters.
  • Presidential Candidates Court New Hampshire Votes
    Presidential hopefuls were on the campaign trail Monday in the New Hampshire town of Milford. The Labor Day Parade there regularly attracts candidates, and this year was no different. Democrats Barack Obama and Christopher Dodd, and a Republican, Mitt Romney, made their way along the parade route.

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