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Monday, August 29, 2011

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  • Irene Causes Widespread Flooding In Northeast
    Irene had lost a lot of power when it hit New England as a tropical storm, but that didn't keep it from packing a punch. Roads and bridges were destroyed in Vermont. And in neighboring New York, a dam gave way, flooding homes and businesses downstream.
  • Why Is It Hard To Predict A Hurricane's Intensity?
    Melissa Block speaks with Hugh Willoughby, meteorology and research professor at Florida International University, about why it is so hard to predict the intensity of hurricanes. He says it's much easier to make a good prediction about where a storm will go than it is to predict how strong it will be. He says one thing that will make hurricane predictions better in the future is the steady march toward more powerful computers.
  • In Japan, Next Prime Minister Faces Many Skeptics
    Japan looks set to get a new prime minister as early as Tuesday. But in a country that has been plagued by years of economic stagnation and a major disaster this spring, few are expecting a quick turnaround in the country's fortunes.
  • Security Firm Hacks A Car With A Text
    Two researchers at the security firm iSEC Partners recently uploaded a YouTube video that shows them unlocking a 1998 Subaru Outback and then starting the engine — all by way of a laptop. Robert Siegel talks to Mat Solnik, one of those iSEC researchers, about how it's done — and what the bigger implications could be.
  • Need A Parking Space? Look In Your Hand
    San Francisco is testing a smartphone app that shows drivers the locations of available parking spaces and how much the space will cost. Under this new system, parking meter prices are adjusted higher in areas with high demand.
  • Obama Names Krueger Chief Economic Adviser
    President Obama nominated Princeton University economist Alan Krueger to chair the White House Council of Economic Advisers. The appointment comes as Obama prepares to unveil a new jobs package.
  • Libya's Ex-Prisoners Finding Their Way Home
    Those held in Libya's most notorious prisons, including political prisoners, have been freed. Some have been tearfully reunited with friends and family members. But others have not yet been heard from.
  • What Tiny Qatar Stands To Gain In Libya
    Robert Siegel talks with Ibrahim Sharqieh, deputy director for Brookings Doha Center. They discuss the role that Qatar, the tiny but wealthy Persian Gulf Arab state, has played in supporting the Libyan uprising — and what it stands to gain.
  • The Tech Whiz Behind Lil Wayne's Curtain
    Tech prodigy Mazy Kazerooni turned a Ustream gig into a hustle as Lil Wayne's social media guru.
  • Immerse Yourself In An Innocent, Ill-Fated Love
    In his novel Dream Boy, Jim Grimsley explores the beauty and violence of growing up gay in the rural South. Author Justin Torres offers this devastatingly beautiful novel to anyone who has ever been the target of a bully.

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