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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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  • Russia Recognizes Breakaway Georgian Regions
    Russia has formally recognized the breakaway Georgian territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which were at the heart of the recent war with Georgia. President Dmitri Medvedev said Georgia forced Russia's hand by trying to seize control of South Ossetia.
  • Georgia Calls Russian Actions Illegal
    Georgian leaders reacted angrily to news that Russia had recognized the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Georgia's president declared that Russia had no legal basis for the move. He and other Georgians fear it will lead Russia to eventually annex the two territories.
  • Decathlete Relives Olympic Gold Medal
    It's the hardest competition of the entire Olympic Games — perhaps because it's not one competition but 10. Decathlete Bryan Clay, who took home the gold last week in Beijing, talks about his victory — and how it feels to be the world's top athlete.
  • In Denver, A Party To Comply With Ethics Rules
    Organizers of parties at the Democratic National Convention in Denver say they comply with the U.S. Congress' strict ethics rules. And though there is less food and no gift bags, one party still had free alcohol and a 41-second "information-gathering opportunity."
  • In Central Park, 'Hair' Line Brings A City Closer
    Free summer staging of the '60s musical has New Yorkers camping out overnight — but a sense of shared adventure (and bike messengers bearing delivery breakfasts) help pass the time.
  • All Eyes On Clinton Ahead Of Denver Speech
    Hillary Clinton speaks Tuesday at the Democratic Party convention in Denver. The battle for the Democratic presidential nomination was one of the longest in history. The world will watch to see how unequivocal Clinton's support for Obama appears.
  • Ariz. Governor: Obama Should Plainly Lay Out Plans
    Arizona Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano says that to woo the West's young, largely independent population, Barack Obama needs to lay out what he wants to do once he is president. She says many in the region feel the economy is not working for them.
  • Worsening Credit Markets Cause More Banks To Fail
    The number of banks on the government's "problem" list grew in the second quarter. Worsening credit problems in the United States — especially from mortgage and construction loans — have made more banks financially vulnerable.
  • New Chief Aims To Restore Air Force's Reputation
    Gen. Norton Schwartz is a man in line with Defense Secretary Robert Gates' vision of the Air Force. Unlike his fired predecessor, Schwartz isn't reluctant to send Air Force officers and more intelligence and surveillance to Iraq.
  • Army Camp Gives Children A Taste Of Deployment
    An Army brigade in Fort Lewis, Wash., has run what it believes to be the first "deployment camp" for children, aged 6 to 12, in the U.S. Army. The children were given a two-day experience of what their parents go through before and during deployment to Iraq. Shirley Skeel reports for member station KPLU.

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