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Monday, August 24, 2009

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  • Uncertainty Surrounds Iran's Nuclear Capability
    Nothing is simple about Iran and its nuclear program. The subject is highly complex, involving questions of physics and chemistry, politics, diplomacy and the military. Even on the fundamental question of how close Iran might be to acquiring a nuclear weapon, there is much debate.
  • Scotland Official Defends Lockerbie Handling
    Scotland's justice secretary defended his decision to release the Lockerbie bomber on humanitarian grounds. Libyan Abdel Baset al-Megrahi was released last week because he is terminally ill with prostate cancer. His return to Libya was met with celebrations at home and criticism overseas.
  • Despite Warning, Investors Flock To GM Stock
    The management of Motors Liquidation Co., the new name for the old General Motors, is reminding investors of its "strong belief" that the company's stock will have no value. That, however, isn't deterring investors. Motors Liquidation Co. CEO Al Koch calls the trading "a little bit of a head-scratcher."
  • Scanning Old Memories A Shoe Box At A Time
    A lot of people have a treasure trove of old photos stuffed in shoe boxes in a basement or closet. There are a growing number of companies that scan them into digital form, but it can be expensive. At least one company has managed to make it affordable.
  • CDC Tuberculosis Rule Slows International Adoption
    The CDC now requires that internationally adopted children with TB be treated in their home countries. For 4-year-old Harper that meant two weeks in a Beijing hotel with her new parents, instead of a flight to her new home in Virginia.
  • Living-Will Guide For Vets Stirs Health Overhaul Fears
    A Veterans Affairs booklet has a worksheet that asks a tough question: When is life "not worth living?" Some say the scenarios provided are offensive — and another reason to scale back Obama's health care proposals. VA official Tammy Duckworth says the booklet is under revision.
  • Analyzing A Rare, Unassisted Triple Play
    At Citi Field on Sunday, the Phillies led the Mets by two runs in the bottom of the ninth inning. They turned that lead into a win with the help of an unassisted triple play by Philadelphia second baseman Eric Bruntlett. Jonah Keri of and author of Baseball Between the Numbers, says the feat is "even more rare than perfection."
  • At The Movies, The '60s Beat Goes On
    For the last two summers, movie musicals have been big hits, so you'd expect Hollywood to stock the multiplex with more of the same. Instead, this summer, there are no musicals at all. But a cluster of movies will set audience toes tapping to the beat of a specific moment in time.
  • Tony Bennett's Summer Song: 'It Was Me'
    Bennett has introduced dozens of songs to the Great American Songbook, so how could we not ask him about his favorite summer song? For Bennett, the French song "It Was Me" is the essence of what happens when people fall in love.
  • Holder Names Prosecutor To Probe Interrogations
    Attorney General Eric Holder has picked prosecutor John Durham to investigate CIA mistreatment of terrorism suspects. The decision comes as the Obama administration releases a newly unclassified CIA report detailing the agency's treatment of terrorism suspects.

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