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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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  • Head Start To Absentee Dads: Please Come Back
    A Head Start program in New Haven, Conn., is trying to get absentee fathers back into the parenting game. The program offers parenting classes in the hopes that even men with troubled lives can find redemption by connecting with their children.
  • Fla. Students Struggle Without Summer School
    The school year has begun for most Florida students, but some are still trying to finish summer school. After years of budget cuts, many districts have eliminated or cut back summer school classes, leaving online school as the only option for students trying to make up courses they failed. Many have struggled with the online format and are entering the new school year still behind.
  • Check It Out, Yo: 'Hot Cheetos & Takis,' This Summer's 'Truly Great Jam'
    If you haven't heard this infectious rap starring some precocious kids from Minneapolis, here's your chance. But be warned, it may get stuck in your head.
  • Despite Fact Checks, Romney Escalates Welfare Work Requirement Charge
    Wednesday marks the 16th anniversary of President Clinton's welfare overhaul. Republican Mitt Romney keeps saying that President Obama has gutted the law — even though every major fact-checking organization says the claims are false.
  • Obama Defends Government As A National Caretaker
    With a towering federal deficit, the role of the government was always destined to be an important issue in the presidential campaign. Republican candidate Mitt Romney's decision to tap Paul Ryan — author of a proposed budget that would dramatically reduce the size of government — made it front and center. This week, President Obama has begun a systematic campaign to remind voters of just what government does and can do for them.
  • As Fighting Rages, A Prisoner Swap In Syria
    The Syrian government and the rebels communicate mostly by shooting at each other. But in a rare prisoner exchange, the government frees two women, and rebels release seven pro-regime fighters.
  • Some Israeli Parents Rethink Ritual Circumcision
    A debate is growing among Israel's secular Jewish majority over the question of whether to circumcise newborn sons. The vast majority still chooses to have the procedure done, but voices of dissent are on the rise.
  • What's Next For Theater After The Aurora Shooting?
    Melissa Block talks with Denver Post reporter Kurtis Lee about a survey the city of Aurora, Colo., has put up on the Internet. It asks for thoughts on what should be done with the Century Aurora 16 Cineplex where 12 people were killed in a mass shooting last month. Lee also talks about what's become of other sites where mass shootings have taken place.
  • 'Bird Talk' Magazine Folds Its Wings After 30 Years
    Audie Cornish talks to Susan Chamberlain about the end of publication of Bird Talk magazine. Chamberlain is a longtime columnist and writer for the magazine.
  • Festive Nanjing Road Recaptures Shanghai's Heyday
    Nanjing Road is Shanghai's most famous and dynamic shopping and walking street. On summer evenings, bands play for crowds and revelers dance to techno music. It's a bit of a rebirth for the city, and the road, which had lost much of its 1920s and '30s vitality under Mao Zedong's rule.

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