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Monday, August 19, 2013

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Bald eagle nextDNR: Wolves, bald eagles no longer endangered; lynx & pocket gopher on watchlist
    The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has added 180 species to the state's list of endangered or threatened plants and animals, many of which have struggled to survive as native habitat disappeared. The DNR added eight mammals to the list. Moose, big brown bat and Canada lynx are now considered species of special concern. And one, the Northern pocket gopher, was newly listed as threatened.5:20 p.m.
  • Soybean fieldCorn, soybean crops behind schedule; at risk of early freeze damage
    The warmer weather forecast for the next week, including some 90 degree temperatures, should speed crop maturity, and lessen the risk of damage from a frost a little.5:24 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Sequestration Knocks Nearly 60,000 Kids Out Of Head Start
    New data from the federal government show that sequestration has eliminated more than 50,000 places for children in Head Start programs this fall. Some centers preserved slots for children by cutting back hours or shortening the school year and some states stepped in to fill the funding gap.
  • Suit In Alabama Seeks To Stop School Choice Law
    Parents in some rural Alabama counties are asking a federal court to block a new state law that gives tax breaks to families who transfer out of failing schools. They argue that their children aren't getting a fair shot at a quality education.
  • NPR CEO Gary Knell Announces He's Leaving
    Knell joined NPR in December 2011. He came after the resignation of Vivian Schiller, who left after two high-profile controversies. Now he's moving to National Geographic for what he says is an opportunity "I could not turn down."
  • Young Chefs Disrupt The Barbecue Game In Texas
    A new generation of BBQ chefs is making its mark in Texas. We check out a few with Texas Monthly barbecue critic Daniel Vaughn. (This piece originally aired on Morning Edition on July 23, 2013.)
  • Hurricane Sandy Study Calls For More Disaster Preparation
    An Obama administration task force is recommending strategies to prepare for more disasters like Hurricane Sandy. The task force is advocating for improvements to make the electrical grid more robust and updates to flood control and building standards.
  • Comptroller Compfusion: How Do You Pronounce It?
    So which is it: "comptroller" or "controller?" As many of our listeners have pointed out, the correct pronunciation is controller. But that doesn't stop many New Yorkers — including the current comptroller — from saying it the other way.
  • App, Secret Sites Create The Immersive World Of 'Night Film'
    Author Marisha Pessl turned to technology to enrich readers' experience of her new thriller, Night Film — creating found-footage YouTube films, screen shots of hidden websites, and an app that readers can use to access additional content after scanning an illustration in the book.
  • Japan Divided On Revising World War II-Era Constitution
    Last week the world remembered the end of the war in the Pacific, and Japan's surrender on what become known as V-J Day. But many Japanese have never really accepted the terms of that surrender, and especially the constitution forced on Japan by the Americans after the war. Now the ruling party says Japan needs to revise its constitution to boost the country's confidence and pride. Critics say the proposed revisions would be a major setback for Japanese democracy.
  • A Vacation Horror Story: Honeymoon Edition
    As part of the series "Vacation Horror Stories," Mary and Chris Darrigo tell the story about their honeymoon to an island resort where each day something horrible happened — from an earthquake to two falls with visits to the hospital and a dead woman in the next lounge chair.
  • Egyptian Court Drops Corruption Charge Against Mubarak
    As Egypt reels from the violent standoff between the country's military rulers and Islamist supporters of deposed President Morsi, a court dropped a corruption charge against former President Hosni Mubarak. His lawyer says this clears the way for his release from jail, but other reports suggested authorities would find a way to keep him detained.

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