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Friday, August 17, 2012

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  • Romney To Obama On Tax Deal: No, Thanks
    After weeks of saying he would not release his tax returns, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney told reporters Thursday he had checked them and could report he had always paid at least 13 percent annual in federal income tax. But Romney still refuses to make public more of his tax returns, despite a new offer from the Obama campaign.
  • Week In Politics: Taxes And What Ryan Will Do
    In our weekly chat about politics, Melissa Block discusses the presidential race with E.J. Dionne Jr. of The Washington Post and Reihan Salam with National Review.
  • New Terms Set For Fannie And Freddie
    The Treasury Department Friday changed the terms of its bailout agreement with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The mortgage giants often had to pay the government back more in interest than it earned in profits, a system at odds with the goal of eventually dismantling the companies. The move appears aimed at calming financial markets.
  • Dallas Turns To Aerial Spraying To Control West Nile
    The number of confirmed cases of West Nile virus continues to increase in Texas. Most of them are in Dallas County. Mayors in some of the cities there have authorized aerial spraying to kill the virus-carrying mosquitoes.
  • Killing Off West Nile Virus: Bad For More Than Bugs?
    As communities, such as Dallas, Texas, contemplate doing aerial spraying to control mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus, many people are expressing concerns about how the pesticides will affect their health, and the health of their environments. Melissa Blocks speaks to Dr. Robert Peterson, professor of Entomology at Montana State University.
  • Five Social Issues On November Ballots
    There's a lot at stake in the fall election, including control of Congress and the White House. But important questions will also be decided at the state level. Ballot initiatives will let voters in several states decide on issues ranging from same-sex marriage to marijuana legalization.
  • Budgets Tight, States Ask Voters To Raise Taxes
    In California and other states struggling to plug big holes in their budgets, tax increases will be on the ballot in November. Several measures ask voters to help ward off budget cuts, or to raise funds for basic functions like schools and roads.
  • PTSD Isn't Just A War Wound; Teens Suffer, Too
    About 4 percent of teenage boys and 6 percent of teenage girls have PTSD. Many of them have physical symptoms related to their stress, including problems sleeping, weight gain and hair loss. Researchers are trying to identify which parts of the brain are affected by PTSD so they can come up with more ways to treat the disorder.
  • When Pronouncing A Case Is Harder Than 'Roe V. Wade'
    A law professor and his students have put together a dictionary of Supreme Court pronouncers. It details how to pronounce the sometimes obscure or ambiguous names of cases going back to the beginning of the republic.
  • For A Silvery Calif. Fish, A Special Moonlit Night
    The grunion run happens only in the spring and summer months. Late at night, under the full and new moons, thousands of tiny, silvery fish swim to shore for a very peculiar mating ritual.

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