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Friday, August 16, 2013

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  • NSA Accused Of Repeatedly Violating Privacy Rules
    Documents released to the Washington Post by former National Security Agency analyst Edward Snowden show the agency overstepped privacy rules.
  • Week In Politics: Egypt, Republican National Committee
    Robert Siegel talks to political commentators E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post and Brookings Institution and David Brooks of The New York Times. They discuss Egypt and a meeting of the GOP.
  • Letters: Val Kilmer, Pet Raccoons
    Audie Cornish and Robert Siegel read from listeners' emails about Val Kilmer and pet raccoons.
  • Al-Jazeera America Will Have To Work Hard To Win Viewers
    At the beginning of the year, Al-Jazeera purchased Al Gore's Current TV. It's plan was to transform Current into a new Al-Jazeera channel aimed at American viewers. The new 24-hour cable news network, Al-Jazeera America, launches next week.
  • It Will Be Up To Congress To Change Automatic Sentencing
    The Justice Department has called for prison sentencing reform — but it's really Congress that would have to carry it out. The time may be right: Crime is down, and even conservatives favor sentencing reform to save money.
  • The Shift In Black Views Of The War On Drugs
    Attorney General Eric Holder called this week for sweeping changes to America's drug laws. He's part of a growing movement of black leaders pushing for major changes to the nation's 40-year war on drugs. But for decades, many African-American leaders supported tough sentencing rules.
  • Bill Would Keep Lead Ammunition Out Of Condors' Diet
    California condor conservationists are among those pushing for a statewide ban on lead ammunition in California. Some of the critically endangered birds are dying of lead poisoning. The Los Angeles Zoo has been breeding condors in captivity for decades to restore the species' population. Now a major part of their job is treating birds who've dined on lead-tainted animal remains in the wild. They — along with a bill making its way through the Legislature — identify lead bullets as the top condor threat. But hunters and shooters question lead's environmental impact. And they say a ban would leave them with few affordable, convenient options.
  • Marion Bartoli Retires From Tennis At The Top Of Her Game
    Just 40 days after winning the women's single title at Wimbledon, Marion Bartoli of France announced on Wednesday that she is retiring from tennis at age 28. Bartoli joins a relatively short list of top athletes who decided to call it quits in their prime. Audie Cornish talks to Stefan Fatsis for more.
  • Summer Nights: Dancing In Chicago
    If you want to learn to samba, tango, waltz or get jiggy, all you have to do is wander into a Chicago park. The city of Chicago hosts the largest annual outdoor dance series.
  • In Egypt, Another Day Of Clashes And Violence
    Islamist protesters clashed with security forces in several parts of Cairo as well as other cities on Friday. Dozens were killed or wounded. The Muslim Brotherhood ordered the protest marches on what it's calling a Day of Rage. The government warned that security forces would use live ammunition to protect state institutions.

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