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Thursday, August 13, 2009

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  • Folsom Embodies California's Prison Blues
    When Johnny Cash played for inmates in 1968, Folsom was a model prison and California's low recidivism rate was unmatched. Today, Folsom is emblematic of everything wrong with California's prisons - and critics say it starts with a too-powerful corrections officers union.
  • Is 'Clunkers' Helping Or Hurting The Environment?
    The Los Angeles Times reported Thursday that the government's hugely popular Cash for Clunkers program is leaving some of the most polluting automobiles on the road. Cars built before 1984 are excluded from the program because of lobbying efforts by classic car interests. Madeleine Brand speaks with L.A. Times reporter Ken Bensinger about the exemption.
  • JetBlue Offers Unlimited $599 Travel Pass
    Madeleine Brand speaks to Rudy Maxa, "the savvy traveler," about JetBlue's $599 one-month pass for unlimited travel. The pass is good for Sept. 8-Oct. 8.
  • Iraqi Refugees Settle In California
    A majority of Iraqi refugees have been relocated to the San Diego area since 2007. Madeleine Brand visits the El Cajon Adult Education Center, where Iraqis go to learn English and learn about American culture and customs. She speaks to a few Iraqis about their harrowing experiences back home.
  • Latest Iraqi Violence Tied To Ethnic Strife
    NPR's Deborah Amos talks to Madeleine Brand about the primary causes of instability in Iraq today. The latest wave of bombings in the country was likely the work of al-Qaida in Iraq and other Islamist extremist groups. But Baghdad analysts say a greater threat is the growing friction between the Iraqi government and the Kurds.
  • A Couple Of Midsummer Thrillers
    The days are still warm, and if we're lucky, we have some time on our hands and in our minds — and a taste for reading a good new thriller. Our reviewer Alan Cheuse has two recommendations.
  • Pot Collective Sprouts In Retirement Community
    A group of senior citizens in a luxury retirement community in Orange County are discovering the benefits of medical marijuana, which was legalized in California more than a dozen years ago. Now they're also figuring out how to procure it for the rest of their community.
  • Welcome To The Summer Of Hate
    This summer's angry protests against the health care overhaul might not seem to have a lot in common with the partying that went on at Woodstock 40 years ago, but commentator Laura Lorson thinks both gatherings grew out of the same impulse.
  • Is The Bagram Air Base The New Guantanamo?
    Human rights groups are demanding that the Obama administration turn over information on detainees held by the U.S. at the air base in Afghanistan. It's an echo of similar calls on the Bush administration to release information about detainees at Guantanamo.
  • Airlines Now Need To Be More Sure Of Who You Are
    Beginning this weekend, passengers will be asked for their full name, birth date and gender when they book a ticket. That information will then be matched with a government-issued ID.

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