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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Charity's 'agenda'Homeless will have a front row seat to the RNC
    Catholic Charities says it will keep its Dorothy Day Center open around the clock, and offer additional services to the homeless, in the shadow of next month's Republican National Convention.5:21 p.m.
  • Investigating TB exposureRamsey County workhouse inmates possibly exposed to TB
    A former inmate of the Ramsey County workhouse has tested positive for active tuberculosis, and health officials are looking for people who may have been exposed to that person while at the facility.5:25 p.m.
  • Flooded carRecord floods have government promoting flood insurance
    After two years of devestating floods in the upper Midwest, the federal government is trying to get more people to buy flood insurance. FEMA payouts are not adequate to completely rebuild a destroyed home or business, but many people in flood-prone areas don't know that insurance is available to them.5:50 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Swift Boat Book Publisher Targets Obama
    Four years ago, Jerome Corsi published a book Unfit for Command, attacking the presidential candidacy of John Kerry. The book gave rise to the term Swift boating. Corsi has now written a book about Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.
  • Cindy McCain: Private Heiress And Philanthropist
    Cindy McCain devotes her time to charitable causes and to supporting her husband's bid for the presidency. The wife of Republican Sen. John McCain won't comment on her family business, — a beer distributorship — or her fortune.
  • Letters: 'Tropic Thunder' Protest
    Listeners respond to the interview Tuesday with Tim Shriver, chairman of the Special Olympics, about his group's call for a boycott of the new Hollywood comedy Tropic Thunder. He said the film's use of the word "retard" qualifies as hate speech, and that generated mixed reactions.
  • Georgia Conflict May Be Part Of Larger Russian Plan
    Some observers feel the conflict with Georgia is a test run by Russia. Volodymyr Kulyk, a senior research fellow at the Institute of the Political and Ethnic Studies at the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, says Russia is trying to teach all post-Soviet states a lesson.
  • U.S. Has Few Options With Russia
    Although Russia has agreed to a cease-fire in Georgia, it is likely continue to strengthen its hold over the two enclaves of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. The United States has very few options in the conflict, except to condemn Russia's actions in the Caucasus.
  • Georgia Defeats Russia In Beach Volleyball
    An Olympic beach volleyball match today pitted Georgia against Russia — that as political tensions between the two countries remain high. The Georgian team won the contest, but Russia cried foul. The Georgians, it seems, are Brazilian.
  • Pakistani Woman's Arrest Prompts Questions
    Aafia Siddiqui has been on the FBI's Most Wanted list since 2003. They say she had links to al-Qaida, but she didn't resurface until her arrest in Afghanistan last month. Now she faces attempted murder charges in the U.S., and NPR has learned more charges are on the way.
  • Attacks In Western China Spur Fears, Suspicions
    Suspected terrorists in China have struck three times in the past 10 days. More than 25 people have died in the violence in China's far west, which has prompted extra-tight security across the country during the Beijing Olympics.
  • New Poll Shows Obama Losing Ground
    A new poll shows the Republican base is united behind John McCain, and that Barack Obama is slipping. The Pew Research Center's Andrew Kohut says the two candidates are even in their race for the White House. He notes the focus on Obama hasn't helped the Democrat.
  • Why Are There So Many Empty Seats In Beijing?
    Even at the most high-profile events at the Olympics, seats are empty. Some blame sponsors and government departments for blocking seats but not showing — the government blames the weather.

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