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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Wisconsin Gov. Scott WalkerWis. governor: Voters want Dems, GOP to work together
    Democrats succeeded in taking two Wisconsin state Senate seats away from Republican incumbents on Tuesday but fell one short of what they needed to seize majority control of the chamber.4:50 p.m.
  • Comparing cornMinnesota crops 'variable' due to varied summer weather
    Uneven growth of corn in Minnesota farm fields has sparked a lot of speculation this summer about the condition of the state's major crops, valued at more than $12 billion. Too much rain, followed by too hot weather, has taken a toll on fields across the state.4:54 p.m.
  • Bennett, WilfVikings wrap up training camp, say they're staying in Minn.
    Minnesota Vikings officials said they're closer than ever to a new stadium, after meeting with some of the major players involved in stadium negotiations today. They also downplayed the prospects of the team moving to Los Angeles, a day after that city gave the thumbs up to an NFL stadium that doesn't yet have a team.5:20 p.m.
  • Early childhood programDayton announces plan to expand daycare ratings system
    Gov. Mark Dayton said today that the state will expand a ratings system for daycare and early childhood education providers across Minnesota.5:24 p.m.
  • Fringe FestivalCheck-in with the Fringe Festival couple
    It's been almost a week since we first talked with our Fringe Festival couple, Nick Vetter and Caroline Toll, who are planning to see some 50 productions in this year's Minnesota Fringe Festival. MPR's Tom Crann talked with Vetter and Toll about the shows they've seen so far.5:55 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Europe Fuels Another Volatile Day On Wall St.
    The Dow ended down Wednesday, more than giving back the gains made Tuesday. What drove the selloff? And amid the volatility of recent days, what, if anything, should people do about their retirement accounts?
  • Fed May Need To Find New Tricks Up Its Sleeve
    The Federal Reserve now plans to keep interest rates low until mid-2013 to try to stimulate the economy. But that alone may not be enough. Analysts say the Fed may need to take further steps to stop the economic slide.
  • GOP Presidential Hopefuls Head To Iowa
    An important test for Republican presidential candidates happens Saturday — the Ames Straw Poll. It's both a fundraiser for GOP candidates and a measure of who is gaining early support in advance of the state's important caucuses next year. Three of the candidates — Jon Huntsman, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney — have elected not to show for this event, but they will be on the ballot. Michele Norris talks with Carol Hunter, politics editor at the Des Moines Register in Iowa, about the GOP field.
  • Teachers Feeling 'Beat Down' As School Year Starts
    As school begins this fall, teachers are not happy. Many say they get no respect and that local, state and federal governments are chipping away at their authority and their hard won rights, not to mention their paychecks. "We're constantly beat down," says one middle school teacher in Florida.
  • Letters: Day Care, Detroit And Snake Ears
    Stories earlier this week on day care, an enthusiastic Detroit resident and snake-charming in India struck a chord for, respectively, a Colorado woman who's pregnant with her second child, a former social worker in Indiana, and a Maryland biology professor.
  • In Pakistan, Birth Control And Religion Clash
    According to a new government survey, Pakistan is producing nearly 4 million babies every year, and most are born into poverty. Conservative clerics tell Muslims that the Quran instructs women to bear as many babies as possible. But some families aren't so sure.
  • The Little Room Where The Government Borrows Billions
    Today, the U.S. sold 10-year Treasury notes at the lowest interest rate ever. The auction was a big deal — even if it didn't look that exciting on the surface.
  • A Flamenco Pilgrimage, In Pursuit Of Duende
    For a 50-year-old American lawyer, mother and avid flamenco dancer, the moment of abandon that is the peak experience of the form was elusive. So she traveled to a festival in Jerez, Spain, to locate what flamenco's practitioners call duende.
  • Supercommittee's Picks Fuel Doubts Over Its Success
    The supercommittee is tasked with finding a longer-term plan for the federal government's spending. But the politics of the panel's co-chairs may be a roadblock to negotiations.
  • PIMCO's Gross: The Days Of The Markets As Saviors Are Over
    Bill Gross the founder mutual fund has some grim thoughts about the economic future of the country. And he's known to be right.

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