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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

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  • Fed Sticks With Record Low Interest Rates
    The Federal Reserve Board of Governors met Tuesday and announced that interest rates will likely remain at record lows for two more years. The action by the Fed was aimed at calming nervous investors.
  • Taking Stock Of Downward Pressures On Economy
    Michele Norris talks with Aline van Duyn, the U.S. markets editor for the Financial Times, about bond ratings, the eurozone and what else is influencing economic trends downward.
  • Londoners Press Leaders For Action Amid Violence
    London's mayor, Boris Johnson, faced hostile questioning from local residents when he visited a riot-hit area of the city Tuesday. They wanted to know why the police had been unable to prevent gangs of youths burning and looting the area on Monday night. Meanwhile, Londoners armed with brooms and shovels started to clean up their city.
  • Parents Sound Off On The Economics Of Child Care
    To tap into the hushed discussions about day care that take place alongside soccer fields or among trusted friends, All Things Considered co-host Michele Norris assembled a group of middle-class parents. And some have advice: Be flexible and start thinking about it before you get pregnant.
  • Doctors Without Borders Targeted In Bahrain
    Bahrain's government has raided and shut down the local office of Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders), an international medical aid group. The case is the latest example of the crackdown on the country's medical community following mass anti-government protests earlier this year.
  • In Turkey, Proposed Internet Filters Stir Protests
    Turkey has a reputation for allowing greater media freedom than other countries in the region. But a government plan to impose restrictions on the Internet has drawn widespread protests and forced the government to reconsider.
  • Reviving Detroit: A Young Man With A Plan
    Detroit is losing population, and residents have left in droves. But some young people see the city as a blank canvas, where they can help realize an urban dream. Among them is Charlie Cavell, a college student, founder of a nonprofit organization, charter school board member, and all-around Detroit enthusiast.
  • High Teen Unemployment Molding 'Lost Generation'
    The U.S. jobless rate was 9.1 percent in July, but teens are experiencing their third consecutive summer of unemployment above 20 percent. Teens who can't get summer jobs miss the experience they'll need to succeed as adults, experts say.
  • Jay-Z And Kanye West: Stuck In Cruise Control
    The superstar collaboration Watch the Throne made its online-only debut Monday on iTunes. It's one of the year's most anticipated albums. But does it live up to the hype?
  • Reaction On The Streets In South London
    Police in London are bracing for another night of rioting. Parliament has been called back into session amid demands in some quarters for the army to be deployed. Major sporting events have been canceled as the riots and looting spread to provincial cities.

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