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Monday, August 9, 2010

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  • Wyclef Jean Makes Case For His Candidacy In Haiti
    Michele Norris talks to hip-hop artist Wyclef Jean, who just last week announced he is running for the presidency of Haiti. Norris presses Jean on the accusations of financial misdeeds surrounding his charitable foundation. Jean has been criticized by some in Haiti as a carpetbagger candidate.
  • Miami's Haitian Community Weigh In On Wyclef Jean
    Melissa Block and Michele Norris hear from members of Miami's Haitian community, who weigh in on Wyclef Jean's prospects as president of Haiti. They talk about his popularity, his familiarity, and give their opinions on the best of his lyrics.
  • As Rwanda Voters Decide, Questions About U.S. Policy
    Rwanda's President Paul Kagame appears headed to victory in elections Monday. Kagame has earned praise for overseeing economic growth and stability following the 1994 genocide. But analysts say the U.S. should be doing more to pressure Kagame to end repression and ease ethnic tensions.
  • Verizon, Google Propose Web Traffic Rules
    Last week, rumors of a deal between the two companies -- through which Google would pay Verizon for preferred service -- scuttled closed-door meetings at the FCC over the contentious issue of net neutrality. On Monday, the two companies issued a joint policy announcement, promising to maintain the Internet's openness and integrity.
  • Venture Capital Report Examines Who Gets Funded
    CB Insights collects data on private companies. They say their goal is to build a "Bloomberg" for private companies, venture capital firms and the investment banking community. The company just published a study on their website, called the "Venture Capital Human Capital Report." Using algorithms, they tracked Internet startups -- from January to June 2010 -- that received their first round of institutional funding, and collected data about the founding teams of those startups: age, gender, race, education. Melissa Block talks to CB Insights founder Anand Sanwal about the study and what it reveals about who Venture Capital firms are willing to fund in a shaky market.
  • When Did We Become Mentally Modern?
    Our ability to think in symbols -- the notion that objects can represent ideas -- is one of the key traits that make us human. We weren't always symbolic thinkers, and scientists are trying to figure out when our minds evolved this ability.
  • Carried Away By The 'Night Soldiers'
    Author Jake Halpern is all about mood. When he's looking to deluge his senses, he turns to Night Soldiers. Whether ambling down Parisian streets on the eve of war or taking a crisp train ride through the Pyrenees, Alan Furst's prose takes him instantly there.
  • Puberty Comes Earlier For Today's Girls
    Researchers find that the age of puberty for girls continues to decline. Researchers at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital say the trend may be linked to the rise in obesity in U.S. children. They're studying environment and genetics as key factors.
  • Helping Girls Through Early Puberty
    Melissa Block talks to Dr. Leslie Walker of Seattle Children's Hospital about how parents and physicians can help kids going through early puberty.
  • As Afghan Allies Reposition, U.S. Role Evolves
    Amid the continuing violence in Afghanistan, the shape of the NATO alliance is changing. As troops from several countries depart, the number of U.S. forces continues to grow. They are finding new ways to work with the NATO counterparts that remain.

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