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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Rep. Jim OberstarOberstar proposes trust fund for aging bridges
    The trust fund would be modeled on the federal Highway Trust Fund, which pays for building and repairing roads and bridges through a gasoline tax.5:20 p.m.
  • Secretary WinterDebris removal on hold as search for victims continues
    After nearly a week of searching, divers and other emergency workers have yet to recover underwater remains of bridge collapse victims. Officials told reporters Wednesday the main problem facing the recovery effort lies in the tons of bridge materials.5:24 p.m.
  • NTSB chiefNTSB sleuths responsible for finding out why the bridge collapsed
    The National Transportation Safety Board's investigation of the I-35W bridge collapse will be much like a thorough police search of a crime scene. The NTSB is the lead agency investigating the cause of the collapse.5:50 p.m.
  • Staff Sgt. Jacob ThompsonSoldier from North Mankato killed in Iraq
    Army Staff Sgt. Jacob Thompson, who grew up in North Mankato, is the latest Minnesota solider to die in Iraq. Thompson was killed this week in Baqubah during a house-to-house search.5:54 p.m.
  • Woman near collapsed bridgeOne week later: Reflection and recovery
    It's been one week since the I-35W bridge collapsed. To mark this occasion, Midday offers a special one-hour broadcast featuring the latest on the investigation, the stories of the survivors and a rememberance of the victims.6:05 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Forum Focused on Gay Issues Marks Changing Tide
    The Democratic presidential candidates will participate in a first-ever forum designed primarily for gay voters. A few years ago, such a forum would have been seen as a political liability — even political suicide in some states.
  • Shifting Primaries Could Push Votes to '07
    South Carolina Republicans want to have their presidential primary in mid-January, which could push other traditional primaries still earlier — possibly into December. So the first voting of 2008 could take place before 2007 is over.
  • California GOP Urges Electoral-Vote Changes
    In California, Republicans are beginning to raise money this week for a ballot initiative that would distribute the state's electoral votes by congressional district. Democrats are concerned about the implications for the presidential race.
  • Student Slayings Signal Deadly Trend in Newark
    Newark, N.J., has been successful in reducing other kinds of crimes, but the murder rate continues to rise at a record pace. The murder of three college students has residents asking tough questions about the city's homicide rate.
  • Crafty Plastic Cruiser Zips Around Lake
    The SoundClips series continues with listener Zane Baker of Austin, Texas, who cruises his handmade plastic boat across a lake.
  • The Origin of 'Dog Days,' And Dealing with the Heat
    Jon Katz, author of Dog Days, talks with Andrea Seabrook about the origin of the term "dog days of summer" — and how animals know better than humans how to deal with them.
  • Stuck and Suicidal in a Post-Katrina Trailer Park
    Since Hurricane Katrina hit nearly two years ago, 100 families have been living in near isolation at Scenic Trails, a FEMA trailer park deep in the woods of Mississippi. The community is plagued by crime, drugs, and depression – and residents see no way out.
  • Post-Katrina Mental Health: What Can Be Done?
    What is the source of the dysfunction in the FEMA trailer parks, and what can possibly be done to help? In the second part of the Scenic Trails story, reporter Alix Spiegel talks to government officials, mental health counselors, church volunteers and others.
  • 'Peace Jirga' in Afghanistan to Draw 700 Leaders
    On Thursday, some 700 Afghan and Pakistani tribal elders and local leaders will gather for an unprecedented meeting to try to close an ever-widening gap. But even before the agenda is ironed out, critics complain that the jirga will do little good.
  • Commuting in Iraq: From Tedium to Mortal Danger
    The U.S. troop build-up in Baghdad may have reduced overall violence in the city, but life for many people remains a nightmare of obstacles and dangers. On Wednesday, for instance, the morning commute for two NPR employees became a four-hour ordeal.

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