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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

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  • The Thin Line Between Hate Speech And Real Threat
    Wade Page, who police say killed six people in a Sikh temple on Sunday, had long been on the radar of groups that track white supremacists. But you can't be arrested for hateful thoughts. And observers say finding the real threats has gotten harder for police with the rise of the Internet.
  • Targeted Sikhs Wary Of Saying 'We Are Not Muslims'
    Since the shooting at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wis., on Sunday, there's been much discussion in the Sikh community as to how to better educate the public about their culture and religion. Audie Cornish speaks with Amardeep Singh, a professor of English at Lehigh University and a Sikh himself, about how much that would help in preventing the kind of violence in Wisconsin.
  • Explosive, Smooth Movement Key In Weightlifting
    Audie Cornish speaks with former weightlifter Melanie Roach about the critical elements that go into a successful lift.
  • Would-Be Parents Wait As Foreign Adoptions Plunge
    Strict regulations to combat baby-selling and fraud have meant the process of adopting a child can take much longer. Many nations also now feel stigmatized for sending babies abroad. As a result, some advocates say, many children are languishing in orphanages.
  • Review: 'At The Mouth Of The River Of Bees'
    Alan Cheuse reviews a collection of science fiction short stories by Kij Johnson, "At the Mouth of the River of Bees."
  • Mali In Crisis Fractures Along Twin Fault Lines
    After 20 years of apparent stability in turbulent West Africa, Mali is now battling dual crises: a rebellion in the north, and a military coup in the south. There are reports of gross human rights abuses, as well as fears that the Islamist-controlled north is fast becoming a terrorist safe haven.
  • Wu-Where? Opportunity Now In China's Inland Cities
    Millions of Chinese are moving from the countryside to fast-growing cities that are home to significant economic activity. Central China's Wuhan, home to about 10 million, is one of these places, a city little-known outside the country that's attracting foreigners and Chinese alike.
  • A Comics Crusader Takes On The Digital Future
    Comic-book writer Mark Waid is legendary among comics fans. But after a long career on paper, he's launched a digital line of comics, hoping to reach fans on smartphones and e-readers. But some store owners are worried that digital comics will mean the end of their business.
  • Leonard Pitts On Memories Of Laundry And Nat King Cole
    The Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and author says he'll never forget his mother's renditions of Nat King Cole songs.
  • Loughner Competent, Pleads Guilty To Ariz. Shooting
    Jared Loughner pleaded guilty on Tuesday to all counts related to last year's shooting spree in Tucson. Audie Cornish talks with Ted Robbins about the court proceedings, where the judge in the case found that psychiatric care and medication had rendered Loughner fit for trial. His plea was part of a deal with prosecutors that spared Loughner the death penalty.

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