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Monday, August 6, 2007

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • New technology being usedFBI divers add high technology to bridge recovery effort
    The FBI brought in an unmanned submarine with sonar and powerful underwater lights to look for bodies near a collapsed freeway bridge on Monday. A Navy dive team was also in town to help.4:49 p.m.
  • Wreckage of the collapsed bridgeThe big question: Why did the bridge fall down?
    A bridge is thousands of pieces of metal and concrete. It's built to withstand all manner of weather and stress. And most bridges do exactly that -- for up to 100 years. So why did the 35W bridge collapse after only 40 years?5:19 p.m.
  • Cows graze in dead pasture in Summer 2006After a drought disaster last year, what did South Dakota farmers get?
    The summer of 2006 was a drought disaster in South Dakota. This year, Minnesota farmers in some counties face the same dilemma. As officials in Washington D.C. decide whether to offer emergency disaster loans to farmers, how did South Dakota ranchers fare last year?5:43 p.m.
  • A survivor's storyA rescuer's story
    A few moments after Gary Babineau realized he survived the collapse of the I-35W bridge, he began helping dozens of children in a school bus escape to safety. On Saturday, he told his story to President Bush. Now he tells it to MPR All Things Considered host Tom Crann.5:50 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Shiite-Sunni Imbalance Intensifies in Baghdad
    The U.S. military suspects the Shia-led government in Baghdad of trying to push Sunnis out of the city. Sectarian violence has pushed most Sunnis into west Baghdad, and the Iraqi government is suspected of limiting basic services to them.
  • Two Neighborhoods Illustrate Baghdad's Divide
    In two ancient neighborhoods in the Iraqi capital — one Sunni, one Shiite — ongoing sectarian fighting is affecting the people who live there.
  • Buyer Backs Out of Rich Deal for Trailer Park
    Trailer owners in Briny Breezes, Fla., thought they were about to become millionaires, but the prospective buyer of their prime location backed out of the deal. What caused the real-estate deal to sour?
  • Surveillance Law: What's in It?
    President Bush signed legislation Sunday that lets the government eavesdrop without a warrant on communications between Americans and people reasonably believed to be outside the United States.
  • Bush's Broadly Permissive Surveillance Law
    NPR Senior News Analyst Daniel Schorr says the Bush administration has successfully pushed through a broadly permissive surveillance law.
  • Chrysler's Nardelli Vows to Continue Turnaround
    Chrysler's new CEO, Robert Nardelli, will lead Chrysler as it tries to make its way in an increasingly tough North American market. Nardelli left Home Depot earlier this year amid controversy over a rich compensation package.
  • Coal State's GOP Senator Turns Focus to Climate
    Virginia's veteran Republican Sen. John Warner says he has become newly engaged in the issue of global warming and is working across the aisle to try to fight it.
  • Spanish Winemakers Go Cooler to Stay in the Game
    As the temperature – and the wine-producing competition – heats up, Spanish winemakers, Torres wine, have headed for the cooler fields of the Pyrenees Mountains to grow grapes that can withstand changes in climate and the wine industry.
  • Are Infants Who Sleep in Parents' Bed at Risk?
    A story about a string of five infant deaths in Detroit prompted a flood of e-mails from parents who sleep with their infants. Each of the babies in the Detroit cases was sleeping in a bed with an adult. So, is so-called "co-sleeping" safe?
  • Apollo Moon Images Made Available Online
    A new digital scanning project at Arizona State University is archiving and posting on the Web the exposed films of the original Apollo flights. The project is allowing people to see the moon in a way they've never seen it before.

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