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Thursday, August 5, 2010

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  • 14 Charged With Supporting Somali Terrorist Group
    The Justice Department announced the arrests of more than a dozen Somali-Americans on Thursday. The action is part of a lengthy investigation into the recruitment of young Somali-American men by a terrorist group. Over the past two years, more than two dozen people have disappeared from their homes and turned up in Somalia with a group called al-Shabab. Melissa Block talks to NPR's Dina Temple-Raston.
  • U.S. Pushes Palestinians On Direct Talks With Israelis
    The Obama administration is trying to revive direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. But Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is resisting entering into talks until there is a clearer sense of Israel's end game on issues such as borders, refugees and security.
  • Republicans Push To Revise 14th Amendment
    The immigration debate sparked by Arizona's controversial new law has revived the debate over the Constitution's 14th Amendment, which grants automatic citizenship to almost any child born in the U.S. Critics say the 140-year-old amendment is an irresistible lure to illegal immigrants, while others say repealing the clause would be too drastic.
  • Senate Confirms Elena Kagan To Supreme Court
    Solicitor General Elena Kagan was confirmed Thursday to the Supreme Court, with support from Democrats and a handful of Republicans. The vote was 63-37. During debate, Republicans took the opportunity to question Kagan's lack of judicial experience and commitment to judicial restraint. Democrats questioned the direction of the Roberts court and observed that it seemed devoted to protecting "powerful interests."
  • Obama Administration Accentuates The Positive
    The White House has been on a good news streak, accentuating the positive every day in areas ranging from Iraq to the BP oil well to the auto industry. On all of these fronts, serious challenges remain. The White House insists it is not hanging a "Mission Accomplished" banner too soon.
  • In Cairo, An End To The Cacophony Of Calls To Prayer
    In Egypt's sprawling capital, no longer will the call to prayer be delivered locally by each mosque. Instead, the government's Ministry of Religious Endowment has announced it will broadcast a single call from a downtown studio. Many Egyptians are unhappy with the change set to commence next week.
  • Naomi Campbell Testifies In War Crimes Trial
    British model Naomi Campbell appeared Thursday at the war crimes trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor. She testified that she had received a pouch of uncut diamonds after meeting Taylor at a charity dinner in 1997 in South Africa. But, she said, she did not know if the gift came from Taylor. Prosecutors are trying to link Taylor to the so-called blood diamonds, which have been used to finance a civil war in Sierra Leone. Melissa Block talks to BBC reporter Peter Biles about what happened in the courtroom.
  • Songs Of 'Leaving Africa' And Finding Home
    A new compilation of contemporary African music, mostly hip-hop, focuses largely on immigration. The songs describe the allure of life abroad in Europe or America, but also touch on many of the pitfalls.
  • Radioactive Boars On The Loose In Germany
    Melissa Block talks to Charles Hawley, editor of Spiegel Online International, about Germany's radioactive wild boars, which were contaminated by the meltdown at Chernobyl.
  • Confronting Homophobia In 'La Mission'
    Straight Latino siblings confront homophobia and violence in their new film, La Mission. The film stars Benjamin Bratt and is directed by his younger brother, Peter. Benjamin plays an ex-gangbanger who discovers his son is gay. After generations of avoiding a taboo topic, the men say, it's time for the Latino community to redefine masculinity and bring conversations about sexuality out of the closet.

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