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Friday, August 3, 2007

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • First lady greets first ladyFirst lady visits scene of Minneapolis bridge collapse
    First lady Laura Bush on Friday surveyed the wreckage of an interstate bridge that collapsed Wednesday into the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis, and praised those to rushed to help the wounded.4:50 p.m.
  • Carol MolnauMolnau gets defensive; Pawlenty may give in on gas tax increase
    An emotional Lt. Gov. Carol Molnau Friday defended the actions of the state transportation department she leads. At the same time, Gov. Pawlenty opened the door to raising the state's gas tax to pay for road and bridge improvements -- something he has steadfastly resisted in the past.5:10 p.m.
  • Rescue boatFifth victim identified while searchers struggle with poor conditions
    Hennepin County officials have identified the fifth victim of the I-35W bridge collapse. He is Paul Eicksadt of Mounds View, whose semi trailer truck was crushed by the falling bridge. Searchers continue to look for other victims in the murky river.5:14 p.m.
  • ShrineVictims bound together by bad timing
    Their careers brought them into the city. The Interstate 35W bridge was supposed to carry them out. But they were stuck in rush-hour traffic in the worst possible place at the worst possible time, and now at least 10 children are waiting for parents who will never arrive.5:41 p.m.
  • Suddenly neighborhoods have a freeway in the backyard
    The I-35W bridge collapse inflicted a heavy blow on the Twin Cities fragile highway system. Now the traffic volume of an 8-lane interstate will be pushed to smaller roads like Highway 280 and maybe to already congested side streets in neighborhoods nearby.5:44 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Gates: Political Developments in Iraq Discouraging
    The Secretary of Defense acknowledged for the first time that the Bush administration might have misjudged the ability of Iraq's political leaders to bring about political reconciliation. It's a stark contrast to the administration's insistence that the "surge" will facilitate reconciliation.
  • Freshmen Lawmakers Weigh In on Iraq after Visits
    U.S. Reps. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) and Peter Roskam (R-IL) have both traveled to Iraq recently. They talk about their trips and the effects on their thinking on the Iraq war.
  • Iraq's Soccer Win Can't Escape Sectarianism
    Violence continues in Baghdad, where electricity is strained and water shortages are widespread, but people celebrated Friday — as the national soccer team returned home after winning the Asia Cup. But Sunni players didn't return, saying they feared for their lives.
  • Dow Jones, Murdoch Shape Editorial Protection
    Rupert Murdoch's successful acquisition of Dow Jones & Co. depended, in part, on overcoming the fears of Bancroft family members. Those fears centered on the potential for editorial meddling by Murdoch in the Wall Street Journal's business reporting. The solution? Both sides agreed to the creation of a five-member editorial protection board that will arbitrate disputes over corporate interference in the journalism at the paper. Who are the members of this new board, and how will it work?
  • Swimming Hole Transforms N.Y.'s East River
    A tiny section of New York's notorious East River is now a floating pool complete with a sandy beach and sparkling blue waters. The pool — on a barge — has transformed the pier from a mob-movie cliche to a place to take the kids on a sunny day.
  • Republicans Protest as Recess Nears in Congress
    Congress is trying to finish a surveillance bill, an energy bill, emergency funds for Minnesota, Iraq war amendments and a defense spending bill before leaving town this weekend for a monthlong recess. Meanwhile, about 100 House Republicans walked off the floor late Thursday night in protest over a controversial vote on denying rental assistance and other benefits to illegal immigrants. Andrea Seabrook, who is at the Capitol, talks with Michele Norris.
  • Proposed Surveillance Powers Stall FISA Update
    The Bush administration wants to allow the attorney general to order secret surveillance of foreign terrorism suspects without going through the FISA court. But Democrats are reluctant to give such power to any attorney general, let alone the incumbent.
  • Summer Food: Cool Treats for Rising Temperatures
    Just as the Mister Softee jingle emanating from ice cream trucks provides the soundtrack for many a summer memory, so do the icy treats it advertises mean "summer food" for many listeners. We hear stories of "water ice," frosty chocolate malts and peach milk shakes.
  • 'Jane' Isn't Quite Austen, But It Is 'Becoming'
    The dialogue in this fanciful "biography" certainly isn't up to the beloved novelist's standard, but the performances do sparkle and the look is Merchant Ivory-lush — so there's plenty of pleasure to be had.
  • New Album, New Angle for Uncategorizable Kenna
    Kenna is a musician whose sound — a combination of British new wave and hip-hop — had the industry abuzz a few years ago. But his uncategorizable music didn't sell as well as expected. Now, Kenna has a new album out — and a new strategy.

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