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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Rep. Peter KingU.S. House al-Shabab hearings have Minnesota focus
    A former federal prosecutor from Minnesota told a congressional committee Wednesday that it's tough to predict the next moves of the Somali terror group al-Shabab.5:20 p.m.
  • Innocence Project works for release of Minn. convicted child murderer
    An Alexandria man convicted of murder for killing his infant daughter remains in prison while a judge continues to consider his release. Lawyers with the Innocence Project of Minnesota are hopeful he can be released on bail while the case is retried.5:51 p.m.
  • Kerr, CurtisThe Cube Critics
    Stephanie Curtis the Movie Maven and arts reporter Euan Kerr share their cross-cube cinema chatter every Thursday on Cube Critics, produced by Chris Roberts.6:25 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • CBO Throws Brick At Debt Proposals
    The Congressional Budget Office has now thrown a brick at both the House debt ceiling proposal and the Senate's. Tuesday, it said Speaker John Boehner's plan saves much less than he thought. Wednesday, it said the same thing about the Senate Democrats' proposal. Both chambers are regrouping as the deadline gets closer. NPR's Andrea Seabrook is there and talks to Robert Siegel.
  • If U.S. Defaults, N.M. May Take Financial Hit
    No matter how the national debt ceiling debate gets resolved, state governments are going to take a financial hit. New Mexico is one of five states expected to be hit the hardest. Michele Norris speaks with New Mexico State Treasurer James B. Lewis about how his state is preparing for a possible government default.
  • Two Washington State Women Weigh In On Debt Talks
    Opinion polls suggest most Americans want to see the debt ceiling impasse resolved, even if it means a compromise they personally don't like. But that "just-get-it-done" spirit isn't universal.
  • Parkinson's Treatment Could Work For OCD, Too
    Deep brain stimulation involves placing electrodes far into brain tissue. It's best known as a way to alleviate Parkinson's tremors. Now doctors are using it to reduce symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder. "My mind was free of this stuff that had been in there for years," said one patient who received the treatment.
  • Georgia Company Exports Chopsticks To China
    "Made in China" is something you see on a lot of things for sale in America. But a company in Georgia has decided to turn the tables. It's making and exporting chopsticks to the Chinese.
  • Crime Writers Expose Scandinavia's Dark Side
    In the wake of the twin attacks in Norway, many are questioning why the authorities failed to recognize the potential threat from the country's ultra-right. But it's a threat that the region's leading crime writers have clearly described.
  • Home-Buying Regrets: Two Military Families' Sagas
    Home values nationwide have fallen more than 30 percent since the height of the market, which means millions of people are underwater on their mortgages. But military families can't control when they get orders to move. So one family has let its house go into default — and another is living apart, for now.
  • Letters: Post Office Home; Patents; Mood Music
    Robert Siegel and Michele Norris read letters from listeners.
  • County Tries Turning Juvenile Offenders Into EMTs
    One county in California is trying to transform the lives of some youth offenders by training them to become EMTs — and then connecting them with ambulance jobs in the county.
  • Summer Sounds: Mosquitoes
    Mimi Harrison tells us about a war she is waging on mosquitoes in a shabby New York apartment. We also hear from a number of our listeners who wrote in to tell us about there Summer Insect Sounds

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