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Friday, July 27, 2007

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  • U.S.-Sunni Alliance Sparks Outrage in Iraq
    U.S. troops have been in an uneasy alliance with Sunni insurgents in Amriya, a district west of Baghdad, for about six weeks. The pact ensures no more attacks against U.S. troops, but it has sparked outrage from the Iraqi army and police — and the Shiite-led government.
  • Astronauts' Behavior Prompts NASA Policy Debate
    NASA promised to review its efforts to monitor the mental health of the astronaut corps after an astronaut was arrested in February. A report on the issue says the agency allowed two astronauts to fly 12 hours after they had gotten drunk.
  • 'Moliere' Director Compares U.S., French Cinema
    French director Laurent Tirard's second film, Moliere, has been likened to a French version of Shakespeare in Love. Tirard is the screenwriter and director of the movie, which has its U.S. release Friday. The movie imagines an undocumented period of the great French playwright and actor Moliere. Tirard talks with Robert Siegel about learning to be a director in America and learning about the differences between French and American cinema.
  • Foreign Policy Stokes Clinton-Obama Rivalry
    In Monday night's Democratic debate, Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton traded sharp words after Obama, responding to a question, said he would be willing to meet with foreign dictators without preconditions. Now, there is a full-fledged squabble over foreign policy and experience.
  • On the Road with John Edwards
    NPR's Linda Wertheimer travels with Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards on the back roads of Iowa, where he is extremely popular with voters since his 2004 campaign.
  • The Hidden Messages in Romney's New Ad
    No presidential candidate has spent more money on ads than Republican Mitt Romney. The former Massachusetts governor's latest television spot, "Ocean," is a study in smart, subtle pitches to conservatives while also appealing to moderates.
  • Letters: Qualities of a Good Leader
    A July 20 story about Columbus, Ohio, residents' thoughts on important traits of leadership featured a request that listeners write in with their ideas on the qualities of a good leader. Michele Norris and Robert Siegel read some of the listeners' responses.
  • Mystery Ice Crashes into Iowa Woman's Home
    A mysterious 50-pound block of ice crashed through the roof of Jan Kenkel's house Thursday morning. Michele Norris talks with the Dubuque, Iowa, resident.
  • Cacophanies from Metal on Dry Ice
    Professional sound recordist Andy Aaron shares some sounds from his collection — various pieces of metal reacting with dry ice, with surprisingly varied results – for this installment of SoundClips.
  • Nervous Investors Send Dow Tumbling
    The Dow continued to drop Friday, capping an ugly week for the stock market. Investors have become jittery over the prospect that tighter credit will slow the pace of mergers and cause consumers to curb spending.

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