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Monday, July 26, 2010

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  • What Leaked Afghan Reports Do And Don't Tell Us
    The more than 90,000 leaked secret Afghan reports underscore the massive challenges there. But analysts warn caution in assessing the raw and uncorroborated data, and say the most significant news may be the Taliban's possible access to shoulder-fired, heat-seeking, anti-aircraft missiles.
  • Afghan Officials: Leaks Confirm Fears About War
    Afghan officials say the leaked documents corroborate what they've been saying for years: that Pakistan is destabilizing Afghanistan; that civilian casualties undermine support for the U.S.-led war effort and aid the Taliban; and that heat-seeking missiles in Taliban hands come from several countries, proving that this has become a regional war.
  • Van Jones Relates To Shirley Sherrod, Worries About Attacks On Democracy
    Van Jones Relates To Shirley Sherrod, Worries About Attacks On Democracy
  • Google, Microsoft Battle Over 'Cloud Mail'
    Google and Microsoft are battling to win e-mail contracts from private and public sector customers for their versions of Web-based e-mail, known as "cloud mail." Omar Gallaga, the technology-culture reporter for the Austin American-Statesman, tells Robert Siegel that Google has hit a major obstacle in its effort to switch the city of Los Angeles over to Web-based e-mail.
  • System Checks Your E-Mail's 'Tone'
    Without body language and other nonverbal cues, it's easier to misinterpret the meaning of text messages sent over the Internet. Robert Siegel and Michele Norris discuss one Canadian company that says it has the solution -- a system that identifies potential problem phrases before your e-mail is sent. It's called ToneCheck.
  • Share My Ride: Phone App Links Taxi Passengers
    A new smart phone app is helping to cut the cost of cab fare for New York City's taxi riders. On the heels of similar apps, Weeels matches prospective riders traveling to nearby destinations and works with a cab service to offer pre-negotiated rates.
  • In Calif., Doctors Struggle To Provide Whooping Cough Vaccine
    California is on track to have the worst outbreak of whooping cough in 50 years. Gaps in vaccination have allowed the infectious disease to spread.
  • Futurist 40 Years Later: Possibilities, Not Predictions
    Alvin Toffler's Future Shock was first published in July 1970. The book includes insights into the effects of rapidly changing technology and "information overload." People may not be as shocked by change as 81-year-old Toffler had imagined, but he says there's still value in envisioning possibilities.
  • An Update On The Plastiki
    Robert Siegel and Michele Norris update the journey of the Plastiki, a boat made of thousands of plastic bottles, which ended its journey across the Pacific on Monday.
  • French Soccer Star Thierry Henry Debut In U.S.
    French soccer star Thierry Henry made his debut playing professional soccer in the U.S. last week, with the New York Red Bulls. NPR's Mike Pesca reports on the game and the outlook for soccer in the U.S., now that the World Cup is over.

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