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Thursday, July 25, 2013

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  • U.S. Carmakers Are Riding High, But Detroit May Not Feel It
    The domestic auto industry has been making a strong comeback, but that recovery hasn't necessarily benefited beleaguered Detroit. There's only one auto plant still doing high-volume production inside the city limits, and much of the Big Three's manufacturing has shifted away from Michigan.
  • Rep. Cole: Savings Need To Continue, But Compromise Is Possible
    Robert Siegel speaks with Congressman Tom Cole (R-Okla.) about Republican fiscal priorities as the nation once more approaches its debt limit and deep program cuts from sequestration continue to generate headlines. President Obama is touring the Midwest this week pushing his own economic agenda, and calling for cooperation from the GOP.
  • Russian Hackers Stole More Than 160 Million Credit Cards
    Five men living in Russia and the Ukraine targeted more than a dozen companies in a data breach that prosecutors describe as one of the largest ever uncovered. The scheme, in which the men allegedly stole credit card numbers and customers' log-in credentials and then sold them on the black market, resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in losses, according to the indictment.
  • Pope Francis Urges Young Brazilians To Stay Hopeful
    The world's first Latin American and Jesuit pope toured Rio de Janeiro's slums on Thursday, blasting the world's "culture of selfishness" and telling Brazilians not to be discouraged, even in the face of corruption by officials. His trip comes after widespread protests over inequality in Brazil.
  • Key Witness Against Emmett Till's Killers Led A Quiet Life
    In 1955, it was virtually unheard of for a black man to testify against a white person. Willie Reed, who changed his last name to Louis after fleeing to Chicago, died last week at 76.
  • Undocumented Immigrants With Criminal Records Face Uncertain Future
    The debate over comprehensive immigration reform has many sticking points, one of which is how to handle undocumented immigrants with criminal histories. While some immigration advocates think the language put forth in the Senate bill is overly punitive to people who have committed minor crimes, others argue that the legislation provides safe haven to criminals who could be dangerous to our country. Robert Siegel meets several undocumented immigrants who have criminal records that have already led to immigration consequences.
  • Palm Oil In The Food Supply: What You Should Know
    Health concerns surrounding trans fats led many food manufacturers to abandon partially hydrogenated oils. Palm oil has helped fill the void. But guess what? It's high in saturated fat.
  • Catch Of The Day, Grilled The Turkish Way
    The fishermen are out in all weather in Turkey's Bosphorus Strait. So there's no question that the fish is fresh, as area chefs carry on the tradition of the ancient Greeks, Romans and Ottomans in putting fish to the fire.
  • Holder: DOJ Wants To Oversee Texas' Voting Laws Again
    Attorney General Eric Holder has announced an aggressive new strategy in response to a Supreme Court ruling last month overturning a key part of the landmark 1965 Voting Rights Act. The Justice Department is starting in Texas, where it is asking a court to force the state to get federal approval before making any election changes - using a different part of the law.
  • Federal Case Pits Wounded Warrior Against FBI
    Army Ranger Justin Slaby's left hand was blown off by a faulty grenade in a training accident. After getting a prosthesis, he was encouraged by one of his doctors to try for a career in the FBI. What happened next landed Slaby and the FBI in court and tarnished the career of a high-ranking agent.

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