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Monday, July 21, 2008

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Adam LevyMeet the lyricist
    The source of musical inspiration is a subject we're exploring in a new edition of our Songs from Scratch project. We asked songwriter Adam Levy to compose some lyrics, and asked three musicians to create a song using them. Meet Adam Levy of the Honeydogs.4:49 p.m.
  • Throw it!Their field of dreams
    Whether it's Little League or the majors, there's nothing like watching a ball game on a warm July evening.4:53 p.m.
  • Tilting chairsRNC construction begins inside Xcel Energy Center
    Construction began Monday inside the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul to get it ready for the Republican National Convention.5:20 p.m.
  • FrankenFranken proposes tax plan
    DFL Senate candidate Al Franken has a tax plan that he says would ease the strain on the middle class. Franken accused Republican Sen. Norm Coleman of favoring the wealthy and special interests.5:23 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Obama Meets Top Iraqis, U.S. Military Officials
    Barack Obama has met with Iraqi and U.S. military officials in Baghdad. The Democratic presidential candidate's visit to Iraq is his first on-the-ground look at the war effort since starting his White House bid. Over the weekend, he was in Afghanistan.
  • McCain Vows To Court Young Voters
    Republican John McCain vows not to cede the youth vote to his Democratic rival, Barack Obama. And while they're not getting as much attention as their Democratic counterparts, thousands of young GOP volunteers are turning out to help the McCain campaign.
  • Mugabe, Rival OK Talks On Unity Government
    Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai have signed a deal paving the way for talks on a unity government. The breakthrough came after South Africa's leader pledged to work closely with the U.N. and the African Union.
  • On The Brink: The Cuban Missile Crisis Revisited
    Though much was made of the conflagration between John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev during the Cuban missile crisis, Michael Dobbs, author of One Minute to Midnight, says the two leaders were actually of like minds when it came to the threat of nuclear war.
  • China Approaching Quake Housing Deadline
    The Chinese government set an ambitious Aug. 1 deadline for providing temporary housing to survivors of the May 12 earthquake. Prefabricated shelters have been constructed in many areas, but many residents remain without accommodations.
  • Ahead Of Games, Beijing Switches To English
    Beijing has put much effort into brushing up on its English in order to host the Olympics. The city also boasts a few linguistic stars, such as police officer Liu Wenli, who over the past two decades has taught himself English and other languages.
  • Connecting With Wrens (With Help From An IPod)
    Carolina wrens — small cinnamon-brown birds that choose to live around outbuildings — will hide their nests almost anywhere: a discarded boot, a bucket turned on its side. With a little innovation, it is possible to make a connection with wrens.
  • Albuquerque: A Scene Blooms In The Desert
    A jazz fan visiting the desert city might equate the chances of seeing great live jazz there with the chances of getting caught in a rain shower. But since the 1970s, a devoted group of musicians and educators has turned the area into a hotbed for jazz performance.
  • Expert Weighs In On Guantanamo Trial
    Osama bin Laden's driver Salim Hamdan is the first prisoner to face a U.S. war crimes trial since World War II. Professor Scott Silliman, executive director of the Duke Law School's Center on Law, Ethics and National Security, says the trial will be very similar to a regular criminal trial.
  • Mukasey Urges Congress To Create Detainee Rules
    Attorney General Michael Mukasey calls on Congress to set the rules by which Guantanamo detainees will challenge their detention. Lawmakers, not judges, should answer questions left open by a Supreme Court ruling granting detainees court access, he says.

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