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Thursday, July 17, 2008

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  • Senator's Warning May Have Doomed IndyMac
    Sen. Chuck Schumer's warning about a withdrawal of deposits from IndyMac may have led to the run on the California bank that brought about its failure last week, banking analysts say.
  • IndyMac Collapse Fuels Fears About WaMu
    Following IndyMac's collapse, questions have been raised about Washington Mutual, one of the largest savings and loans. This week, WaMu issued a statement to show it was financially sound. But the company's own projections estimate losses of up to $19 billion.
  • Basic Cable Shows Get Emmy Nods
    This year's Emmy nominations for Best Series include for the first time two shows on basic cable: AMC's Mad Men and Damages on FX. Matt Weiner, creator and executive producer of Mad Men, says basic cable's relatively small audience allows some "really cool shows to get made."
  • Students See World During 'Gap Year'
    As many high school graduates prepare for college this summer, others are getting their passports and heading off on a kind of sabbatical. A growing number of students are taking a short break from the academic grind in order to travel and work.
  • AKA Sorority Presents Colorful Picture
    This week thousands of African-American women dressed in pink and green are in Washington to celebrate the centenary of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, the nation's oldest black sorority. The group is known for its commitment to community service.
  • Ashcroft Defends Actions On Torture Memos
    Former Attorney General John Ashcroft says he approved legal memos that narrowly defined torture. He also tells a House panel he approved a memo that withdrew the earlier ones because the legal reasoning behind them was flawed and needed to be corrected.
  • Netherlands' Health Care Reflects National Values
    The Dutch like their health care system, even when things don't go exactly as they want. This is in no small part because the system reflects national values such as pragmatism and stoicism — something especially apparent when it comes to matters of birth and death.
  • Salmonella Warning On Tomatoes Lifted
    The U.S. government says it is safe to eat tomatoes again. It lifted its salmonella warning after its investigation of what caused the outbreak found no evidence of the bacteria. Investigators are now taking their search to a packing facility in Mexico.
  • Piano Prodigy's Mantra: Practice Makes Perfect
    Marc Yu, a 9-year-old musical prodigy, began learning the piano at age 2 and was playing Beethoven by 3. He says he practices up to eight hours a day. "You don't want a Beethoven piece to sound like somebody else," he says. "That's disrespectful to the composer."
  • Obama's Fundraising Could Re-Draw Election Map
    Barack Obama raised $52 million in June, making it his second-best fundraising month ever. The figure is more than twice as much as John McCain raised for the month. With this record fundraising, new states may come into play in the fall election.

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