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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

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  • Consumer Prices Spike
    Soaring energy and food prices have sent inflation up at the fastest rate in nearly two decades. The U.S. Labor Department says the consumer price index increased 1.1 percent in June. Meanwhile, energy prices rose by 6.6 percent.
  • Job Loss Worries Hit Ohio Workers Hard
    More than 75 percent of Ohioans say it's hard to find a job in their area, a new poll finds. For two Ohio families, such worries have meant changes in budgets that translate into changes in living — from how they eat to where they drive.
  • Bartering Gains Steam
    If you're a small-business owner and can't afford that new air conditioner, there is an alternative: barter. Barter networks have popped up all over. Mike Krane, president of Green Apple Barter Services in Pittsburgh, says people can barter everything from breast implants to flat-roof repairs.
  • Russian Satellite Debris Poses Hazard
    NASA is tracking some 500 pieces of debris from a Russian spy satellite that mysteriously exploded in March. Since then, it has broken up twice, including last month. Some of the pieces have come close to the international space station.
  • China Panda Center Copes With Sagging Tourism
    Two months after a massive earthquake struck China, a panda research base is struggling with major losses in revenues caused by a slowdown in tourism following the disaster. A new book about a panda named Jingjing is being launched to help raise money for the center.
  • McCain Walks Tightrope On Immigration
    John McCain has long been the GOP presidential contender with the best shot of winning Latino voters, because he's long argued for a path to citizenship in any overhaul of immigration laws. But lately, he is also emphasizing border security to appeal to his party's conservatives.
  • Canada Reacts To Guantanamo Video
    The video of the interrogation of Canadian detainee Omar Khadr at Guantanamo Bay became public Tuesday. Colin Freeze, a reporter at The Globe and Mail in Toronto, says the Canadian government is of the view that the U.S. legal system must take its course.
  • U.S. Unveils New Rule On Airplane Fuel Tanks
    The Department of Transportation has announced new rules to increase the safety of fuel tanks on airliners. The regulations will add considerable cost and will apply to new planes as well as existing ones. The airlines have nine years to comply.
  • Actress Chronicles Year Following Oprah's Advice
    Chicago actress Robyn Okrant, or LO, has taken it upon herself to find out the answer to "What would Oprah do?" She's spending a year following the advice Oprah Winfrey dispenses on television, her magazine and her radio show. She is blogging about her experience.
  • Paul Goldstein's Patently Thrilling Legal Drama
    A Patent Lie, the new novel by Paul Goldstein, trumps John Grisham's work in every way — character, setting, plot and prose — and gives readers interested in the drama of a high-value legal case a great reward for their attention.

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