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Friday, July 13, 2012

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  • Obama, Romney Trade Barbs Over Bain Capital
    While the presidential campaigns traded attack ads on Friday, President Obama was on the road in Virginia. The state is a prime target for both candidates.
  • Week In Politics: Romney At Bain, NAACP
    Melissa Block speaks with political commentators, E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post and Brookings Institution, and syndicated columnist Mona Charen. They discuss Romney defending his record at Bain Capital and the NAACP convention.
  • 'American Idol' Judging Desk Down Two Seats
    The TV show American Idol has lost two of its judges in two days. Both Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have announced they're leaving the show.
  • Struggling Families Lift Themselves Out Of Poverty
    An Oakland, Calif., nonprofit group encourages low-income families to figure out for themselves what they need to get ahead, and then helps them achieve their goals. Its pilot program for low-income families is proving to be a promising new approach to an old problem.
  • Mass Killing Makes For One Of Syria's Bloodiest Days
    There has been another mass killing in central Syria where estimates of the dead range from 40 people to more than 200. United Nations monitors confirm Syrian government forces bombarded a village near Hama. Syrian activists say after the shelling, militiamen from the Alawite sect moved in, killing dozens of Sunni villagers.
  • Al-Qaida: Now Vying For Hearts, Minds And Land
    The terrorist network has been testing a new strategy: trying to capture territory and win over citizens by governing them and providing social services. The group failed in Iraq, but is still trying in Somalia, Yemen and, most recently, in the northern deserts of Mali.
  • The Cost Of Free Doughnuts: 70 Years Of Regret
    When the Red Cross began charging soldiers for snacks during World War II, it learned a painful lesson in the economics of free stuff.
  • Apple's Change Of Heart On Green Certification
    Apple is rejoining a widely used registry of environmentally friendly electronic devices. The surprise move comes after the company received harsh public criticism for turning its back on its green environmental image.
  • More Women Than Ever At San Diego's Comic-Con
    Melissa Block checks in with Nina Gregory about what's hot at this year's Comic-Con, the big annual entertainment convention held in San Diego.
  • JPMorgan's Growing Loss Shakes Investor Faith
    Traders who made calamitous bets on corporate debt have cost JPMorgan Chase nearly $6 billion so far. The bank announced the losses on Friday but said the firm still managed to earn $5 billion in the second quarter. But the impact of the trading loss goes far beyond the bottom line.

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