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Monday, July 8, 2013

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  • At Least 50 Egyptians Killed In Bloody Clash
    Egyptian troops opened fire on Muslim Brotherhood protesters in Cairo on Monday, leaving more than 40 people dead and hundreds more wounded. There are conflicting accounts of what sparked the bloodshed, but police and troops have cleared the square in front of the Republican Guard headquarters where the Brotherhood protesters had gathered to demand the release of ousted President Mohammed Morsi.
  • Muslim Brotherhood Has Long History In Egypt
    Robert Siegel talks to Yasser El-Shimy, an Egypt and Middle East analyst for the International Crisis Group. He was formerly a diplomat at the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He talks about the history of the Muslim Brotherhood and its relationships with other Islamic groups in Egypt.
  • Crews Still Searching For Missing After Quebec Train Accident
    In rural Eastern Quebec, crews are searching for about 40 people reported missing after a train pulling oil tankers crashed early Saturday morning. As Canadian authorities investigate, the accident has underscored existing concerns over a dramatic increase of oil shipments by rail in the U.S.
  • After Scandal, Eliot Spitzer Dives Back Into Politics
    Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer is running for public office again. Five years after resigning in the midst of a prostitution scandal, Spitzer will ask voters to make him New York City's comptroller this fall.
  • What Makes A Sex Scandal Survivable?
    Eliot Spitzer is the latest politician to attempt a second act after a sex scandal drove him from office. A handful of elected officials in the last few years have found that a sex scandal may not be a political death sentence.
  • Arrest Caught On Google Glass Reignites Privacy Debate
    The wearable technology, which is being tested by a select group of users, was used to record an arrest on the Jersey Shore. The incident raises questions about citizen journalism and the limits of privacy in public.
  • Drone Enthusiasts Use Open Source Hardware To Drive Innovation
    One drone-maker in Silicon Valley has a vision: iPhones with wings populating the sky, collecting data about everything. And to get there, he's enlisting tens of thousands of his fellow drone enthusiasts. His civilian drone company is open source — a business model that's completely contrary to the military's model of proprietary secrets.
  • The Best Concert-Finding Mobile Apps
    Back in the day, the only way to find out which bands were playing in your area was the local paper. Or maybe you called a club and simply asked. Things got a lot easier once we had websites to visit, but if you have a lot of venues that can be cumbersome. Now apps are changing the game.
  • Deadline Nears For Illinois To Allow Concealed Weapons
    Illinois is the only state with a total ban on concealed weapons. Lawmakers in the state are facing a court-ordered deadline on Tuesday to put a law on the books allowing people to carry a concealed gun.
  • Insurance Pitch To Young Adults Started In Fenway Park
    To reach young people, the new health insurance exchanges are looking for sports tie-ins. One reason is the success Massachusetts had in promoting its own health overhaul in partnership with the Boston Red Sox.

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