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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • Meet The IMF's New Leader, Christine Lagarde
    France's finance minister will be the first woman to head the IMF. She has led France through a financial crisis and helped corral European support for the initial Greece bailout. Lagarde is also a fierce champion for the advancement of women.
  • What Can Greece Learn From Argentina's Past Woes?
    What happens when a country with a big foreign debt defaults? That's the question hanging over Greece. On a much bigger scale, it's a question some people fear is hanging over the U.S. Argentina may have the answers. In the 1990s and early 2000s, Argentina had hyperinflation, high unemployment, economic contraction, a run on the banks and a mounting national debt. Robert Siegel talks to former Argentine Bank president Martin Redrado about what lessons Argentina can offer Greece regarding its financial crisis.
  • Head Of Kabul Bank Resigns While In The U.S.
    Now, another twist in the story of Kabul Bank and the $900 million bailout of what was Afghanistan's premier lending institution: The head of Afghanistan's central bank has resigned while on a visit to the U.S., claiming that the government of President Hamid Karzai was not only thwarting his investigation into the failed bank, but that he was being threatened by politically connected shareholders.
  • In Political Summer, Have Iowans Cooled To Obama?
    Part of the president's secret to success in Iowa in 2008 was to win in a lot of places that George W. Bush carried in two previous elections — places like Altoona, Iowa. Today in Altoona, some Democrats have mixed feelings about the president's job performance.
  • Iowa's 'Butter Cow Lady,' A 'Born Artist,' Has Died
    Norma "Duffy" Lyon was such a legend in her home state that in 2007 then-candidate Barack Obama sought — and won — her endorsement before the Iowa presidential caucuses.
  • The Child Cases: Guilty Until Proved Innocent
    NPR News Investigations, ProPublica and PBS Frontline analyzed nearly two dozen cases in which people have been accused of killing children based on flawed work by forensic pathologists. Some of the accused were later cleared, others like Ernie Lopez, remain in prison.
  • Budget Standoff Continues On Capitol Hill
    Budget deficit talks that broke down last week are now in the hands of President Obama and top senators — but remain mired in intransigence. At least three budget items arguably need to be on the table: revenue increases, entitlements and defense spending — but it's unclear any of them is. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has declared "no new tax hikes." Two senators are introducing a Medicare savings bill that won't fly with Democrats, who win points by running against Rep. Paul Ryan's plan to "end Medicare as we know it." And defense cuts — even if small ones are achieved — are dicey for all.
  • Answering Listeners' Questions On The Debt Ceiling
    The debate over whether to raise the federal debt ceiling is multifaceted — and often confusing. So, All Things Considered invited listeners to tell us what they would like to understand better. Robert Siegel puts a few of their questions to economist and former Federal Reserve Governor Larry Meyer and NPR congressional correspondent Andrea Seabrook.
  • Americans Remain Unsure Of Economy's Future
    Higher gas prices and months of bad news have left Americans uncertain about business conditions and the job market. A recent Conference Board study shows that consumer confidence has hit an eight-month low.
  • Flooding Won't Overcome Nuclear Plants, Officials Say
    Rising waters of the Missouri River have surrounded two nuclear power plants in Nebraska. While officials at both plants assure area residents they are safe, critics point to a history of problems and wonder if the facilities are prepared for Missouri floodwaters that have not yet peaked.

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