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All Things Considered
Friday, June 20, 2008

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Jonathan MilesA demand for a refund becomes a novel
    In Jonathan Miles new book, a complaint letter becomes a 160 page novel that explores the ideas of fate, fatherhood and being trapped in an airport after a cancelled flight4:50 p.m.
  • ForeclosedMinnesota is one of 10 mortgage fraud 'hotspots'
    Federal officials say Minnesota is among 10 mortgage fraud hotspots they're investigating around the nation. More than 400 real estate industry players, nationwide, have been indicted since March in a Justice Department crackdown on incidents of mortgage fraud, that stem from the country's housing crisis.5:20 p.m.
  • Boy with measlesUsing measles to treat cancer
    Researchers today know more about the measles than ever, and doctors are using that knowledge to develop new treatments for certain cancers. The first step is to understand how the measles virus infects its host.5:24 p.m.
  • Rental marketCollege textbook rental coming to Minnesota
    College students hope renting, rather than buying, will help solve the problem of ever-increasing textbook costs.5:54 p.m.
  • Emily and ConnorSummertime means plans for kids
    When the school year winds down, there are thousands of children and teenagers thinking about summer. As parents work to find things for their kids to do, many turn to city parks and libraries for safe, structured activities.6:20 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Latinos Hard-Hit by Mortgage Crisis
    The wave of foreclosures spreading around the country is hitting Latinos especially hard. Many Hispanic homeowners could only qualify for subprime loans. Now as foreclosures mount, crime is up and businesses are struggling.
  • More Than 400 Held in FBI Mortgage Sweep
    The FBI says it has arrested more than 400 people in the last three months on charges related to mortgage fraud. Agents have arrested real estate agents and others. On Thursday, the FBI arrested two Bear Stearns investment fund managers. NPR's Dina Temple-Raston and Michelle Norris discuss the arrests.
  • Remembering Seattle's Edith Macefield
    Edith Macefield of Seattle's Ballard neighborhood passed away this week. She refused offers of big money to leave her tiny house and make way for a big development. In the process, she became something of a folk hero. Michele Norris talks to Barry Martin, who was Macefield's friend.
  • Teens May Have Made Pact to Get Pregnant
    At least 17 teenagers at a Massachusetts high school may have made a pact to get pregnant and raise their babies together. Michele Norris talks with Time magazine's Kathleen Kingsbury about the unusual spike in teen pregnancies in Gloucester.
  • The Private Lives of Teachers
    What do teachers do on their summer vacations? That question got students at Chicago's Curie High School curious. As part of Curie High School's Youth Radio project, they explore the unknown: the teachers' private lives.
  • Slick Oil Ads Aim to Bolster Industry's Image
    Oil companies have launched advertisement campaigns to bolster their image at a time when they are earning record profits. Congress is keeping a watchful eye on the industry, admonishing executives for the higher gasoline prices facing consumers.
  • Independently Owned Gas Stations Face Hard Times
    Bill Burke is the owner of Burke's Den Rock Mobil, an independently owned Exxon Mobil station in North Andover, Mass. He says he and his wife are facing the harsh reality of closing their gasoline retail business after 35 years.
  • Movie Review: <em>Love Guru</em>, <em>Get Smart</em>
    Two comedies are opening at the multiplex this week, starring two big-name comedians with very different styles. Mike Myers's Love Guru is coarse and vulgar. Steve Carrell's Get Smart, is amusing.
  • Young Indians Fight Restrictions on Alcohol
    Attitudes are dramatically shifting in India where young beer- and wine drinkers are taking on what they call the "morality police" who impose strict restrictions on the consumption of alcohol. Among them is Suketu Talekar, who is setting up his own microbrewery.
  • Potty Reading Promoted
    A publisher of bathroom readers — compilations of stories, poems, essays and funny quotes — came to Madison Square Park's public toilet in Manhattan, to give out free quarters and to promote the books for Bathroom Reading Month.

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