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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

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  • NATO, Afghan Troops Battle Taliban
    NATO troops and Afghan government forces are battling Taliban militants on the outskirts of the southern city of Kandahar. Taliban fighters seized villages in the Arghandab valley, just north of Kandahar earlier this week.
  • Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki Enjoying Popularity Surge
    The leader has seen a rise in public support since government forces took on militias and insurgent groups in Iraq's major cities. Some Iraqi lawmakers say the prime minister should use his newfound strength to revamp his weak Cabinet and push important legislation through Iraq's hyperpartisan parliament.
  • Tracking Source of Salmonella
    The continuing outbreak of salmonella from tomatoes has now caused more than 200 infections. David Acheson, the Food and Drug Administration's food safety czar, discusses the challenges that come with tracking down the source of the outbreak. Melissa Block talks to Acheson.
  • Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Recovers From Floods
    In Iowa, the Cedar River is still running high and not expected to fall back below flood stage until Sunday. But the city of Cedar Rapids is already jump-starting the recovery of its flooded neighborhoods. At the height of the flooding this week, 25,000 people evacuated from the city.
  • Survey: Scientific Misconduct Underreported
    A new survey of researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health suggests 1,000 cases of what could be scientific misconduct go unreported each year.
  • Sheriff Under Scrutiny over Drug Money Spending
    Sheriff Bill Smith — once considered one of the most successful sheriffs in the nation at confiscating drug money off the highways — is now the subject of a federal grand jury investigation into whether he misused the forfeiture funds.
  • Spending of Drug Money Questioned
    Federal rules allow local law enforcement agencies to seize drug money headed south to Mexico. Millions of dollars are at stake. The system has strengths but critics say there's too little oversight of how the money is spent.
  • Perfecting the Art of Frugal Living in NYC
    A Columbia University study examines how artists manage to live in high-priced New York City on salaries of less than $30,000 a year. The artists, all older than 62, have spent their careers learning how to live well and cheaply.
  • In Brooklyn, Ikea Offers Sailing Option
    Big-box store Ikea has gone into a sleepy industrial neighborhood in Brooklyn, N.Y., changing not only the landscape but the transportation options it offers. Now you can get your Sklar bookshelves and sail back to Manhattan.
  • Obama, McCain Trade Jabs on Terrorism
    There's a lot of talk about change this election season, but one thing that hasn't changed: talk of terrorism and 9/11. This week John McCain has stepped up his attacks on Barack Obama over the issue, and Obama has forcefully fired back.

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