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Friday, June 15, 2007

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Summer stress
    We've asked Nancy Olesen, the host of Minnesota Public Radio's "How's The Family" how parents can survive -- and thrive -- in the summer time.4:50 p.m.
  • Announcing arrestsThree arrested in shooting death of 14-year-old girl
    An 18-year-old man and two 16-year-old boys were in custody Friday in connection with the weekend shooting death of 14-year-old Charez Jones - and more arrests were expected, police said.5:20 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Immigration Legislation Revived in Congress
    The immigration bill is back from the dead. On Friday, President Bush, speaking at the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast, once again called on Congress to pass it. On Thursday night, Senate leaders agreed to return to the measure, perhaps as soon as next week. But there is no guarantee the legislation will get through — or what it will look like.
  • Plans for 20-Foot Border Wall Rile Texas Residents
    Residents of McAllen, Brownsville and Laredo, Texas, are bristling over the federal government's plans to build a 20-foot wall to run full-length alongside the cities.
  • Retired Players Say NFL Skimps on Disability
    A hearing in Congress will focus on claims by retired football players that they are being short-changed in their disability payments. Former players complain that the NFL Players Union routinely denies claims for benefits for injuries suffered on the playing field.
  • Barker Ends Prodigious Run on 'Price is Right'
    For a record 35 years, Bob Barker has hosted The Price is Right television game show. His last show airs Friday. Barker's charisma has endured for an incredible three decades on one popular game show.
  • Integration Struggle Persists for Muslims in Germany
    The German government's response to a new coalition of major Muslim organizations — that the coalition doesn't represent enough Muslims — set the stage for little progress in a three-year discussion. And many Muslims there disagree on the meaning of integration.
  • Cell Phones a New Vehicle for Violence in Iraq
    Cell phones are now the only mode of communication for many Iraqis, and there is a downside. Insurgents and criminal gangs are using the cell phones to send threats, and with the rise of video-enabled phones, the threats could get worse.
  • Treasure Hunters Hit Mother Lode Off Florida
    Divers off Florida's Marquesas Key discovered at least $1 million worth of gold chains, bars, rings and other artifacts last weekend. The booty belonged to the Spanish galleon the Santa Margarita, which was lost in a hurricane 385 years ago.
  • Cute, Fuzzy Buffalo Can Be Deadly, Park Warns
    Custer State Park in South Dakota has one of the nation's largest buffalo herds. But they aren't just slow-moving, fuzzy animals. Park officials say tourists are getting much too comfortable around the buffalo.
  • 'Ojos Negros' Builds on Saluzzi's Tango Legacy
    Dino Saluzzi, a master of Argentina's tango music, has been quietly building a legacy since the mid-1980s with his accordion-like bandoneon. Critic Tom Terell tells us about the man, the music and his latest CD, Ojos Negros.
  • Gunfire Dies Down as Hamas Takes Over Gaza
    Israelis are calling it "Hamastan." After almost a week of fighting, the militant Islamist group Hamas has seized control of the Gaza Strip from forces of the Fatah movement, loyal to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. As the gunfire died down, residents began to emerge to survey the damage.

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