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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Minneapolis wi-fi expands range
    Municipal wi-fi service will soon be available downtown Minneapolis. So far there are about 250 subscribers on board in the service's nearby pilot area. Some of them say, the service has been inconsistent.5:35 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Campaign Turns Warm and Fuzzy Lens on Clinton
    Polls show Sen. Hillary Clinton as the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination. But she's also widely perceived as polarizing. Lately, Clinton has tried to counter that image by showing off a warmer, funnier side of her personality.
  • McCain Continues to Lag Behind in Fundraising
    Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) was supposed to be the inevitable front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination in 2008. But when the end-of-June fundraising numbers come out, he will likely cash in, again, behind the other two leading candidates.
  • Libby Ordered to Prison While Awaiting Appeal
    A federal judge has refused to delay the prison sentence of former White House aide Lewis Libby. Libby was sentenced to 30 months for lying to a grand jury and FBI investigators about the leak of a CIA operative's identity.
  • N.C. Lacrosse Prosecutor Fights for His Livelihood
    Mike Nifong, the district attorney of Durham County, N.C., is in a fight for his professional life and his reputation. Nifong was at the center of the rape allegations against Duke lacrosse players last year. He faces ethics charges in connection with the case.
  • Fiji's Mangroves, Coral Under Assault
    Coastal mangrove forests help protect villages from storm surges, and coral reefs harbor the fish that villagers live off of. But a climate witness program in Fiji shows these natural systems are threatened; villagers and scientists are trying to uncover why.
  • Nations Agree to One-Time Sale of Illegal Ivory
    African nations have broken an 18-year impasse on rules governing the sale of ivory. At an international meeting Thursday, they agreed to let nations conduct a one-time sale of ivory seized from poachers and dead elephants. Proceeds will aid recovery efforts.
  • Prisoner Deportation Mistake Prompts Lawsuit
    A growing number of jail systems are working with federal agents to deport illegal immigrants when their jail terms end. But last month, a U.S. citizen was deported by mistake. Pedro Guzman, 29, who is mentally disabled, has been missing since then, and his mother has filed suit with the ACLU.
  • Tales of Mexican Migrants' Dreams, Realities
    In his new book, Antonio's Gun and Delfino's Dream, author and journalist Sam Quinones explores the complexities and contradictions of the immigration debate through true stories of Mexican migration.
  • Hamas Has Fatah Pinned Down in Gaza
    Hamas fighters are on the verge of over-running the remaining strongholds of Fatah in the Gaza Strip. President Mahmoud Abbas remains in the West Bank, seemingly powerless to stop the warfare.
  • West Bank Wary as Gaza Fighting Rages
    So far, the Hamas-Fatah battles in the Gaza Strip have not provoked any major fighting in the West Bank. But there are fears that Fatah could launch an offensive there if its forces continue to lose ground in Gaza.

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