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Thursday, June 13, 2013

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  • As Sanctions Squeeze, Iranians Keep Improvising
    Whoever wins Iran's presidential election will face a major challenge: how to revive a struggling economy that is facing tough international sanctions. Iranians have been finding ways around the punitive measures for decades, but are they running out of options?
  • Companies Paying To Get Ahead With Economic Indicators
    Some trading firms have found a way to get an advanced peek at crucial economic data before anyone else.
  • Black Forest Fire The Most Destructive In Colorado's History
    The Black Forest wildfire near Colorado Springs, Colo., has now destroyed 360 homes, making it the most destructive fire in the state's history. It is zero percent contained.
  • Under The Radar: Some Pilots Of Small Drones Skirt FAA Rules
    Unmanned drones aren't just a tool for governments anymore. By as early as this year, the FAA expects to propose rules opening small, unmanned airborne vehicles, or drones, for commercial use.
  • Pope's Reference To 'Gay Lobby' Broaches Taboo Topic
    Pope Francis has surprised many with his candor in the early days of his papacy. In recent remarks, he reportedly acknowledged a so-called gay lobby in the Vatican. The pope's words are being interpreted as part of a broader effort to re-examine the way the Vatican is run.
  • Pew Poll: Adult LGBT Americans Optimistic About Future
    A Pew Research Center survey finds lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender adults are optimistic about increasing social acceptance. Yet many still report feeling stigmatized by family, friends, employers and their place of worship.
  • Game 4 Of The NBA Finals A Moment Of Truth For Lebron James
    Game 4 of the NBA finals is Thursday night in San Antonio. The Miami Heat now trail the San Antonio Spurs and their star player is struggling. Lebron James is arguably the best player in basketball, but he hasn't cracked 20 points in any of the three previous games. San Antonio's defense has at times made him look indecisive.
  • Why Bill Gates Is Investing In Chicken-Less Eggs
    Investors like Gates are betting that our planet can't sustain the current rate of growth in animal-based foods for too much longer. Products like Beyond Eggs, a plant-based substitute, are designed to fill the void.
  • Saving Grandma's Strawberry Cake From The Clutches Of Jell-O
    Postwar marketing of convenience foods pushed our grandmothers to take many shortcuts in the kitchen that modern foodies might find unpalatable. Many involved Jell-O. Cookbook author Jeremy Jackson updated his grandma Mildred's famous strawberry cake recipe to remove this old-school secret ingredient.
  • Supreme Court Gene Ruling Splits Hairs Over What's 'Natural'
    The court said biotech company Myriad could not patent human genes, since they already "existed in nature." But when it comes to synthetic DNA, the court said patents may be acceptable in some cases.

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