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Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • Panetta's Confirmation Hearing Gets Choppy
    CIA director Leon Panetta appeared at a confirmation hearing for his next likely post: secretary of defense. Panetta is expected to sail smoothly through the confirmation process to succeed Robert Gates. But the waters did get a bit choppy when Panetta went before the Senate Armed Services Committee Thursday to address issues of war and ever-elusive peace.
  • U.S. Reportedly Intensifies Covert Effort In Yemen
    Michele Norris talks with New York Times national security correspondent Mark Mazzetti. They discuss the intensified airstrikes by the U.S. fighter jets and drones in Yemen.
  • As U.S. Sales Stall, Automakers Take Brands Overseas
    With falling demand in the U.S., American auto companies are finding that business is better abroad. Growing middle classes in Brazil, Russia, India and China are providing new markets for cars that U.S. automakers are eager to fill.
  • The Dark Side Of The NBA T-Shirt Fad
    This year's NBA playoffs have featured some great basketball and an interesting fashion phenomenon: everyone in the arena wearing the same T-shirt.
  • Villalba Talks About Announcing NBA Games In Spanish
    When the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks square off for game five of the NBA finals Thursday, thousands of Spanish-speaking NBA fans will tune in to watch or listen. And a growing number of Spanish-speaking broadcasters will be there to give them the play-by-play. Melissa Block speaks with one of those broadcasters, Victor Villalba — who has been doing play-by-play broadcasts for the NBA's Dallas Mavericks since 2005 — about the challenges and fun of calling this year's NBA finals.
  • 'Mad Libs' Co-Creator Dies at 88
    Leonard Stern — a prolific television writer, producer and director — died Tuesday at age 88. Among his credits: a writer for The Honeymooners, Get Smart and McMillan and Wife — to name a few. Yet, his most enduring contribution may not be found in punch lines for the small screen — but rather in blank spaces. Stern co-created the popular word game Mad Libs with fellow comedy writer Roger Price in 1958. At the time of the game's 50th anniversary, more than 110 million copies reportedly had been sold. Melissa Block and Michele Norris remember Leonard Stern.
  • Citigroup Confirms Customer Accounts Hacked
    Thursday, Citigroup confirmed that some customer account information was accessed by hackers. The attack affected only about 1 percent of customers. But still, it's another example of hackers breaking into companies that are supposed to be super secure. Recently, data storage company EMC Ltd had to replace millions of electronic keys, Sony faced several attacks, Google got hit, and now Citigroup. Is anything hack proof?
  • Does iCloud Pose Security Risks To Users?
    Michele Norris speaks with Brian Cooley, editor-at-large with online tech magazine CNET, about Apple's new iCloud feature — and if it poses significant security risks with users' personal data.
  • Union Workers Cry Foul Over New S.C. Boeing Plant
    A new Boeing plant in nonunion South Carolina is the subject of a legal battle that's playing out across the South and in Congress. The aircraft giant says the state offered a lot of incentives to get the plant, but the union says Boeing broke the law and violated workers' rights.
  • Filmmaking Misfits Star In J.J. Abrams' 'Super 8'
    Kids take the spotlight in this wholesome, big-hearted valentine to Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment classics. Abrams says he hoped to create "a sister film" to those movies, in which kids were heroes in their own right.

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