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Monday, May 24, 2010

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  • Korean Crisis May Lead To Greater U.S. Military Role
    Tensions between North and South Korea are being felt throughout East Asia after an investigation blamed the North for sinking a South Korean warship. Now, the U.S. is planning military exercises with the South, while Japan has cited the tensions as a reason for closer military cooperation with the U.S.
  • The Economic Ties Between South, North Korea
    South Korea's president said Monday that he's halting trade with North Korea, in response to the North's alleged attack on a South Korean warship. Michele Norris talks to longtime Korea watcher Gordon Flake about the economic ties between the two countries. Flake is executive director of the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation, a nonprofit organization that fosters exchanges between American and Asian leaders.
  • Duchess Of York Apologizes Over Newspaper Sting
    Melissa Block talks to Kelvin MacKenzie, former editor of the British tabloid The Sun, about the newest scandal involving Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York. The former wife of Prince Andrew was tricked by the News of the World tabloid into offering to sell access to her ex-husband. The exchange was captured on video, where Ferguson tells the reporter, representing himself as a wealthy tycoon, that she will put him in contact with the prince for about $750,000. Ferguson says she deeply regrets the incident, which she called "a serious lapse of judgment." MacKenzie says Ferguson is deeply in debt, estranged from other members of the royal family, but protected from being cut off entirely from them because her children are in line to the British throne.
  • The Path from Syphilis to Faster MRIs
    Math Magic Makes MRI Much Faster
  • How Are Fans Coping With The End Of 'Lost'?
    The television series Lost ended Sunday night after nearly six years. And on All Tech Considered, we wondered what is going to happen to all of the people who have devoted a good portion of their lives blogging and podcasting about the series plot twists. Melissa Block and Michele Norris talk to Jay and Jack Glatfelter -- of The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack -- and Liz Kelly and Jen Chaney, bloggers for the Washington Post's Lost Central blog.
  • Amid Red Ink, Tax-Exempts Asked To Add To Coffers
    State and local governments, eager to close their budget gaps, are increasingly going after charities and other tax-exempt groups. Government officials are proposing new fees on nonprofits to help pay for services and are challenging the exemptions these groups get from sales and property taxes.
  • How One Small Business Is Faring In This Economy
    George Lessmeister of LGC Associates, a staffing firm in the hospitality industry, talks to Melissa Block about how his company is faring in the economic downturn.
  • Violence Continues In Jamaica
    Parts of the Jamaican capital of Kingston are under a state of emergency for a second day because of violent clashes between security forces and supporters of an alleged drug kingpin. The Jamaican prime minister announced the extradition of Chris Coke to the U.S. on drug charges, and his supporters have vowed to protect him, setting up barricades around the city and attacking police forces. Michele Norris talks to Karyl Walker, an online news editor with the Jamaica Observer, for the latest from Kingston.
  • A Shoe Box Filled With Baseball Cards
    NPR's Mike Pesca sends along a little tale from his reporter's notebook, about a baseball fan's connection across time, though a shoe box full of baseball cards.
  • Ana Moura And The Future Of Fado
    Portugal has two healthy cultural obsessions: soccer and the music called fado, the latter of which has attracted fans and practitioners from Lisbon to Brisbane and beyond. Its latest star, fadista Ana Moura, has a new CD out this week that confirms the enduring appeal of this poetic idiom.

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