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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • MalamanyaMalamanya spreads the word about Cuban music in Mpls.
    In two years, Malamanya has transformed itself from a band of musicians from different backgrounds inspired by Latin music to a tight ensemble that knows its music.4:54 p.m.
  • Bill HansenMining exploration reopens question of school trust lands
    Exploration for copper, gold, and other precious metals in northeastern Minnesota has drawn attention to school trust lands created 150 years ago when Minnesota became a state. Millions of acres could be sold, with the proceeds deposited in a trust; or they could be managed by the state, which earns money by leasing logging and mining rights.5:21 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Voting In Egypt Goes Smoothly On First Day
    The first day of voting is over in the unprecedented free presidential election in Egypt. No major irregularities were reported thus far in the election that continues on Thursday. Voters thronged polling centers across the country to cast a ballot.
  • 33 Years In Prison For Pakistani Doctor Who Aided Hunt For Bin Laden
    Shakil Afridi was recruited by the U.S. to try to collect DNA samples from the al-Qaida leader or his family members, to prove that bin Laden was in Pakistan. A local court in Pakistan's tribal areas has convicted him of treason.
  • Ousted Secret Service Agents May Ask For Jobs Back
    Two Secret Service employees forced to resign for their role in the Cartagena prostitution scandal last month are fighting back. They say the agency had a permissive culture that overlooked similar behavior when agents were traveling.
  • By Putting Patients First, Hospital Tries To Make Care More Personal
    Fauquier Hospital in Warrenton, Va., offers services not usually found in your average hospital. Not only is every one of its patient rooms a private one, it offers food cooked and delivered to order, and hand massages. But experts say it's the actual involvement of patients and families in their own care that sets it apart.
  • E.U. Leaders Hold 'Mini-Summit' On Debt Crisis
    European Union leaders are in Brussels for a mini-summit to discuss ways to promote jobs and growth in Europe while keeping the debt crisis from deepening.
  • Radical Left Reshaping Face Of Politics In Greece
    Greece's leftist leader says his party will not seek to leave the Eurozone if it wins next month's parliamentary elections. Alexis Tsipras, who heads the Coalition of the Radical Left, called on France and Germany to stand in solidarity with the Greek people and to "stop their policy of austerity." Robert Siegel talks with Euclid Tsakalotos, the left's top economic adviser and economic professor at the University of Athens.
  • Remember The Debt Ceiling Debate? It's Back
    In the past week, President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner have begun a new round of sparring over the U.S. debt ceiling. It's part of a number of problems involving debt, taxes and spending that are all slated to come to a head in early 2013. And solutions aren't likely before Election Day.
  • Where Dollars Are Born
    A behind-the-scenes tour of the factory where paper for U.S. currency has been made since 1879.
  • Letters: Remote Control Inventor And Baseballs
    Audie Cornish and Robert Siegel read emails from listeners about remote controls and baseball.
  • A Peek Inside The CIA, As It Tries To Assess Iran
    The CIA took considerable heat over Iraq, where no weapons of mass destruction were found. Now, as the agency assesses Iran and its nuclear program, it invites an NPR correspondent to its headquarters for a rare chat about its analysis of Iran and Iraq intelligence.

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