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Monday, May 23, 2011

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  • What Does The Recovery In Joplin Look Like?
    Devastation and destruction are two of the words on nearly everyone's lips in Joplin, Mo., where a massively destructive tornado swept through Sunday night, killing at least 116 people. Robert Siegel talks with NPR's Frank Morris for more.
  • Scientists At A Loss To Predict Bad Tornado Seasons
    The devastating twister that hit Joplin could be the last major tornado of the season. Or it could be followed by many more. Scientists say it is difficult to see tornadoes coming because they are spawned, in part, by rapidly changing weather patterns.
  • GOP Worries About N.Y. Special Election
    Republicans are worried that they could lose one of their House seats in a special election Tuesday in western New York. The district has long been safe Republican territory. But the race has become a referendum on the GOP's controversial Medicare reform plan.
  • Humorist's Spider Crawls The Web, Bringing Fame And A Book Deal
    The exchange that attracted millions to David Thorne's website was one where he is trying to pay a real chiropractor bill with an elementary drawing of a spider. The woman he's emailing is not amused. The email attracted millions to his site — and he turned his exchanges into a book. But some people think he's a bully.
  • On Facebook, Story About Stolen Car Evolves Into 'Telephone'
    Jennifer Sharpe's car was stolen on an L.A. street. She posted this news on her Facebook page, and her friends first offered sympathy and strategy. But soon, they were picking up on small details, and the conversation drifted off into a discussion of shoes. We hear about a modern version of the game of "telephone."
  • Libyan Rebels Restore Old Weapons, Wait For New
    Leaders say they need heavier weaponry to push deeper into Gadhafi-controlled territory. They've asked Western governments for help, but have been told to wait. Meanwhile, volunteers in Benghazi are refurbishing some of the weapons Gadhafi's forces left behind.
  • Poll Looks At Views Of Young Afghan Men
    Robert Siegel interviews Norine MacDonald, president and founder of The International Council on Security and Development, about a new poll of Afghanistan men ages 15 to 30 in various sections of the country. They shared their opinions on Osama bin Laden's death, the Taliban and the international military forces in Afghanistan.
  • Georgia Farmers Brace For New Immigration Law
    A new Georgia law aimed at cracking down on illegal immigrants takes effect July 1 and will require most businesses to verify worker eligibility. For farmers and their workers, the likely consequences will be hefty: The law could lead to understaffed farms, and to cutbacks in two lucrative state crops — peaches and Vidalia onions.
  • Our Band Could Be Your Life, Still
    The decade-old book about bootstrapping indie rockers is still inspiring young musicians.
  • Oprah And 'Glee' Say Goodbye With Something 'Wicked'
    Tomorrow, both Oprah and the season finale of Glee will feature the song "For Good" from Wicked.

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