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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

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  • Obama Launches Drive For Fuel-Efficient Vehicles
    President Obama has outlined new national standards to improve fuel efficiency and cut greenhouse gas emissions with regard to cars and light trucks. What does the plan entail?
  • How Will Carmakers Adapt To Mileage Standards?
    Aaron Bragman, an analyst for IHS Global Insight, suggests options available to automakers who will have to design new vehicles to meet the new mileage standards. He says there will have to be changes under the hood, as well as structural changes.
  • Obama's China Envoy Choice Leads A Diplomatic Life
    Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. has used his diplomatic skills to tread tricky political ground in a state so conservative and Republican that even some of the rocks are red. Yet he has ventured into territory that has cheered Utah Democrats, and some will be sorry to see him leave if he's confirmed as U.S. ambassador to China.
  • Expense Scandal Claims British Parliament's Speaker
    The speaker of the British parliament is resigning over his role in a scandal about the expense claims of members of parliament. Michael Martin is the first speaker to step down under pressure since a previous incumbent was forced out for taking bribes in 1695.
  • 'Buried' Haitian City Braces For New Storm Season
    The Haitian city of Gonaives continues to dig out from mudslides left by a series of hurricanes last summer and fall. People have barely had time to prepare their homes for the next storm season, beginning June 1. And the dangerous conditions that led to the flooding and mudslides remain.
  • Are Spiritual Encounters All In Your Head?
    Scientists suspect Moses and other religious figures were epileptic. But that doesn't mean they didn't really hear God. One researcher has created the "God helmet," which uses sensors to reproduce mystical experience by manipulating brain chemistry.
  • Surrounded By Plastic, NICU Infants Tested For Risk
    For decades, people have been alarmed about possible effects on humans — particularly developing embryos and new babies — from plastic additives called phthalates. One doctor is studying a group of infants exposed to high levels of phthalates from the medical tubing in the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit.
  • Toledo Mayor Seeks Volunteers For City Services
    Like many municipalities, the city of Toledo, Ohio, is suffering a financial crisis. Mayor Carty Finkbeiner is asking residents to mow the grass in parks and cemeteries, and he led by example over the weekend.
  • Muzak: From The Elevator To The Future
    Muzak made its mark on American culture by producing generic-sounding songs for office buildings, retail stores and the dentist. It's been 25 years since the company stopped producing those instrumental covers and switched to providing clients mix tapes of popular recordings. Today, Muzak is still trying to shake its elevator-music reputation while trying to emerge from bankruptcy.
  • Auto Officials Worry About Profits Under New Rules
    Auto executives say they aren't sure whether consumers will actually want to buy the fuel-efficient cars President Obama wants manufacturers to build. They say whether they can succeed under the new fuel-efficiency standards hinges on the future price of gas.

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